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  1. Deep in the city 305 Miami donk city Cuban chico

  2. Ernest Hankerson Jr

    Still the King. Don't forget this where it started.

  3. Now, that I'm older it makes sense to me. This guy had had a Chevy so sweet, that I remember it from a DVD that saw when I was 13 and now I'm 26, he disappeared for 10 plus years and now he his back. My uncle had a Chevy that was bad too. He spent big$$$ on his motor over 50k. My uncle to has disappeared for 12 year vacation. We put money in these cars and love them it's sad when we lose them

  4. Davion Williams

    I wonder were that car is now

  5. Mister Old Skool Ryder

    BIG MURPH the legend.

  6. BIG MURPH basically started the whole DONK GAME MOVEMENT IN MIAMI OVER 15 years ago and Big Murph had basically the same engine setup back when you all were in dippers. Gold plating goes in and out of style every 5 or 6 years or so. A lot of people don't know how to actually gold plate everything.
    Gold plating actually cost less than chrome plating. But people see gold and some really think it's solid gold but in actuality it's just gold plating. I have 3 different gold plating machines and I got my first one over 20+years ago. And the bottle of gold plating liquid costs anywhere between $100-$300 for a bottle of gold plating liquid. And you could gold plate at least 2 full cars for only between $100-$300 dollars worth of product. It's the labor that cost the most. But it's actually pretty easy to gold plate. I've gold plated everything from bumpers to grill pieces and trim and even guns and engines. It's cheap and easy and you will save 90% of your money. (Miami is and will always be the king of the DONK GAME) The crazy thing is at least 50%+ people don't know what a real DONK IS EITHER A 1970-1975 Chevy impala or caprice and that's it. Any other car or truck with big rims are just = a car with big rims

  7. Oldschoolhiphop

    When the Caprices, & Impalas come out they take the show. Hell might even take ya woman too.

  8. badass ride my man

  9. Arcade Collectors Europe

    converted into a piece of crap

  10. Wicked Houston

    rick ross's brother. this man invented donks

  11. Damn this vid from 2004 he a real legend we ride like this now

  12. why don't you call out them 405 boys from ok

  13. That s*** was so ugly

  14. I would like to see his donk against donk master sound like a good race

  15. Robert Touchstone

    My Honda Civic Hybrid would smoke these FOOLS!


  16. Now these black guys in Miami got there shit together unlike chicago

  17. I would like to see him in donkmaster race

  18. Dice Frankenstein

    Clean as fuck

  19. "fye hunnit shat". LOL!!

  20. Catherine Lindsey

    country fuck!

  21. i dont know what that song is but that beat play in my head all day sick get em murff

  22. Shaquille Wagner

    not faster thin the impala z06

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