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3 Epic Football Party Snacks

There’s nothing better than gathering all your favorite fans together and catching a game. Make it delicious with epic football snacks that come together in minutes. Everyone will cheer for more beer dip and do a celebratory dance over bacon-wrapped tots. Finish your spread with pizza rolls that are dusted with parmesan cheese for a big touchdown win.

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  1. Thanks! So yummy! Our friends make these. We also make the game more interesting and try to win some $$$. We use the free app football pulltabs (both stores). Put $10 each into the hat and winner gets $100!

  2. Smokin' & Grillin' wit AB

    Those are some good ideas. Thanks, Keep the videos coming

  3. I like the bacon with tots and cheese

  4. bless your soul for those bacon tots! lol

  5. What's the song please note I already know the stand storm joke for years

  6. tryna be like buzzfeed

  7. What is the song?

  8. Buzzfeed? Is that you?

  9. 666,666 viewer😂

  10. Try bacon wrapped hot dog

  11. Do a video with Rosanna pansino

  12. omg love it I seen this on pintrest 😃

  13. what is he name of the music in the back? it got me hoocked!

  14. Pats broncos dust started for me I made the tots and rolls so good

  15. I like the bacon one

  16. plz cooking recipes with beer caze people live this but I hate alcohol

  17. Ashliyahnah Taylor

    Nice job

  18. Some good ideas there, thanks! 🙂

  19. Акира Куросава

    i want to make these bacon rolls, but i dont know what is "tots"! Can you explain please?

  20. Акира Куросава

    i want to make these bacon rolls, but i dont know what is "tots"! Can you explain please?

  21. when did i suscribe to buzzfeed?

  22. Please do more recipes with ranch dressing!

  23. Arianna Elizabeth

    I can't have most of them soo…

  24. In The Kitchen With Jonny

    I need them now!!

  25. Can you make a video on some sort of healthy dessert? 😄

  26. pizza rolls are life

  27. Jalyn Villanueva


  28. All the junk I'm trying to stay away from and then this.

  29. yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum


    Gabrielle May, I do

  31. Joe Biden's Shotgun

    Try to make the Bacon Weave Burrito Brandy.

  32. what's the song called 🙂

  33. Great American Football Snacks!

  34. peter lustig is daddy

    I love bacon

  35. Can someone tell me what dough was used in the first one

  36. Oooooh. These look tasty

  37. GothicKittyMadness

    That's not a biscuit……. 0-0

  38. Kiersten Jefferson

    do a pizzacake🍕🍕🍕🍕🍰🍰🍰🍰

  39. Who else here doesn't watch football but wishes they could make all these tailgate snacks?

  40. Yum!!

  41. Angelina Galligani

    primer comentario argentino

  42. Lushaon Anderson

    love this video keep u the good work xx love ya ☺

  43. oh but I can't make it because I don't watch football

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