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  1. I fucking love watching this channel. Two pissheads chatting absolute bollocks. It's just so watchable!

  2. Par de locos, I love this video ! Thank you !

  3. Lot of beer food is food that doesn't need to be refridgerated. Nuts, pretzels, chips for instance.

  4. Pork scratchings… or in Sheffield all the good ale pubs sell pork
    Pies. Simpleh loveleh

  5. Original potato chips are best with beer

  6. Nothing goes better with beer than plain potato chips everybody knows that. My personal fave is lays plain chips. It makes the beer mouth disapeer and you can keep right on drinking.

  7. Plonkers, those are the snacks sold at pubs to dry your mouth out so you spend more on drinks.

  8. Woria kaleee Man

    Try beer whit beer sasuage👍

  9. Salt & pepper cashews, chilli rice crackers, wasabi peas, and last but not least cheese moments. Thank you, and goodnight!

  10. the host looks like a full sized midget

  11. The pickled egg really goes well with a pinch of salt.

  12. Zbrojmistrz Dennis

    Try some crab crisps, they are not so delicious, because of lack of any aroma, but they are quite good in pair with beer, especialy with white.

  13. Some of my favorites,
    Snyders Hot buffalo wing flavored pretzel pieces. Tesco express sell them now 🙂
    Dry roasted or chilli nuts
    Scampy fries
    Bacon fries
    Bombay mix (when I'm at home)

  14. A top notch video, I really enjoyed it.

  15. Bluenose Beer Reviews

    Top 5 here:
    1 Scampi Fries
    2 Texas Joes Beef Jerky
    3 Staffordshire Cheeses
    4 Pickles- Branston for example
    5 Sour Bread- simple but great

  16. Otto TheBierDude

    For me it's Edam or Gouda cheese in my own bar or in Belgum.
    But in the UK I go with the classic Cheese & Onion Crisp or Pork Scratchings
    Cheers to beers guys

  17. Once I was in a pub in Brussels (Moeder Lambic I guess) and I remember they used to give you malt grains as an appetizer.. that was kinda interesting

  18. Two grown men who have never eaten a pickled egg!? I've never seen that.

  19. very good simon

  20. I've never had a pickled egg, sounds like I need to change that.

  21. and for the top snacks I would go with the some smelly Czech cheese – they really got that right. Other thing would be nachos with a genereous amount of cheese as well. Third option would be a decent pickled sausage or a kabanos

  22. I'd need a couple of them beers before going for a pickled egg 😀

  23. salt and pepper chips, best there is.

  24. The Cone IPA and smoked meet or scampi fries should be a taste of heaven according to your reviews.

  25. still, home made moms cookies beats all of your potato chips there!

  26. I got banned from twitch for stupid reasons 🙁 Now i'll get a lagger with salted NUTS!!! Or with potatoes to fill up more.

  27. Damn this made me hungry!! Ok my top 3 bar snacks would be 1, Salted peanuts. 2, Cheese and onion crisps. 3, Salt and vinegar crisps.

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