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5 Top Men's Presents For The Guy Who Has Everything

If you're racking your brain as to what to give the guys in your life this Christmas, you've come to the right spot. Here we'll explore 5 top men's presents for the guy who has everything, expanding your thinking and creativity to find perfect gifts that you'll love giving and he'll love dating!

1. A Trip to the Moon

Well, maybe not quite. But, think outside the box! A gift does not have to be packaged and tied with a bow on top to be a great idea. Give him a voucher for a day out over the holidays, and pack his favorite foods and go for a trip to the zoo, museum, park, or even the beach or mountains (depending on which hemisphere you're in and what the weather will be like at Christmas). Skiing, water sports, hiking, bike riding, and other outdoor activities – sometimes some he's never tried before but you know he'd love – all make for memorable birthday gifts.

2. Vouchers are not Boring!

One may think that giving a gift voucher is boring and has not had much thought put into it. Not really. And I'm serious. Gift vouchers can be some of the best men's presents out there. Find a shop it absolutely loves, and gift it a gift voucher – whether it be for the hardware store, electronics shop, a men's gift shop, or his favorite candy shop. Or wrap up a plate, knife and fork from your kitchen, and let him know that you'll take him out for a romantic dinner for two during the holidays. Season passes are also brilliant, whether it's for the theme park, the zoos or museums in your city, or to the cinemas.

3. Car Gifts

This is such a broad topic. Does he like Ford or BMWs? Get some licensed merchandise for him. Loves racing? Take him to the races or buy a framed print of Peter Brock or some other famous racing car driver. If he drives a bomb but would love to drive a Ferrari, buy all little gadgets of Ferrari merchandise and scatter them through his beat up little car!

4. Personalized Gifts

Even the most seemingly-insignificant gifts can be spruced up with a bit of personalization. Almost any men's presents that have metal on them can be engraved with his name, making a brilliant personalized gift. Beer steins, money clips, and keyrings are all popular ideas for men's presents.

5. Meaningful Presents

Hopefully one will consider all the previous suggestions meaningful also, but if you're looking for inexpensive but something special for your man, consider some fun options. Buy lots of little items, for example candies, a keyring, a pen, a mug, a picture frame, and office accessories, but buy them all in his favorite color – and do not forget to wrap them all in that colored gift wrap too! Or buy items that all start with the first initial of his name. It does not have to be massive, but if you're wanting men's presents that show you've put thought into them, think a little creatively.

May this year's Christmas presents be enjoyable, non-stressful, and loved by your guy who has everything!

Source by Jackie K Turner

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