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5 Worst Beer Pairing Lists — Terrible Ways to Pair Beer

5 Worst Beer Pairing Lists — Terrible Ways to Pair Beer

Pairing beer with food or seasons can be a ton of fun for a beer nerd, but sometimes people take this a little bit too far. Whether it’s just not thinking things through or click bait there are a ton of bad beer pairing lists online today. Join Ryan as he counts down 5 of the worst he could find.

— Links to the Bad Lists —

The Best Beers To Complement The Kid-Leftovers You Always Eat

Stranger Things Beer Pairings


— Terrible Buzzfeed Quiz —

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  1. Reverend Guy Wallis

    very cool video! there are soooo many lists of good pairings and ive never seen anyone do a list of worst pairings before. great idea!

  2. Back Woods Billy Craft Beer Reviews

    There are Rules, Seafood Typically goes with IPA's However as you Said Certain ones go with stouts & Spicy seafood like Spicy Food will pair well with sweet See Amber Ale, Belgian, Lager, Stouts Steak Deserts, Chicken IPA Lagers etc…

  3. Big Banana Brewing

    I once had a German wheat beer with a heavy Christmas dinner. It was terrible. The excessive carbonation with a huge plate of food made me want to be sick.

  4. Jerry Fort the Beer Review Guy

    Ive tried different snack foods with different beers, and had some successes and some Fails, I cant off the top of my head remember one of my strangest, but Ive been called weird for liking Sweet foods with Lagers, I dont know why , it just works for me, Great Video topic Ryan, I enjoyed it, Have a great Thursday Buddy

  5. Darwin's Beer Reviews

    Glad you're looking into food/beer pairings.

  6. No Hype Beer Reviews

    Haha this is great! Keep up the good work. Cheers!

  7. I will admit, when trying to pair beer with movies, it's often by a stretch of imagination.

  8. Salted liquorice frogs with modus hoperandi. It worked very well together.

  9. One time I brewed a pumpkin ale, took the left over pumpkin out of the kettle and tried to make a pie out of it…..it did not work….lol

  10. Old Norse brewery

    I pair (whatever) food with whatever I got kegged. Cheers

  11. Beer By The Numbers

    What's the worst thing you've ever "paired" beer with?

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