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After Ten Beers All Stories Sound Interesting

When I was a little girl, I mean, when I was about sixteen years old, my father told me, “Don’t give away all of your secrets at once.” What did he mean? After all, at that age, I still did feel like a little girl. What was I supposed to take away from that line? Whatever it was that he meant, I didn’t figure it out till I was about twenty-five years old.

You know, floating around like a butterfly and smiling is easy when you are naive, but that time when we must grow up catches up with us eventually.

One evening, while out at a restaurant/bar, I observed a girl who was sitting on a table. She was wearing a short skirt and brightly colored lipstick. It was not the skirt or the lipstick that made me realize something very important, it was her actions. Just her actions. She spoke with her hands. Loudly. Smiling and laughing at everything the guys around her said, even if it wasn’t funny. They gave her so much attention! I was her too, but right there, I realized that I never want to be “that” girl again. Ever. Period. Suddenly, I knew exactly why she got all the attention and it wasn’t the everlasting kind or one for the right reasons. You see, some guys are predators, drunk guys… are superior predators. If you carry yourself as that girl who is approachable by ANYONE, you will get exactly that and more. More trouble that is. The girl I saw that night, sat there giving away all of her secrets to strangers who simply gave her any kind of attention. She wondered why they all listened to her, it must have been the stories she told… so interesting. At one AM… at some bar… with a beer number 12 in your hand, any guy will listen to your story.

I observed her as she stumbled out of that stinky place with the one guy who was sober enough to walk with her as she suddenly got sick. All I wanted to do is run after her and say, “Don’t!” And, that’s what I did. Just when they got outside, I approached her and kindly I said, “Don’t give away all of your secrets to this guy.” She was confused, but she didn’t go home with that stranger that night and probably had no regrets the next morning.

Girls, Ladies, Women, if you ever get the chance, observe the world around you. Love yourself. Be kind to your bodies.

Source by Maria Washburn

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