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Ancient Esoteric Magical Operation Reveals Hidden Artistic Talent

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Activating the Latent Power of Sexual Attraction Today (whatever day you so declare), you should be so inclined and interested, you will confront 30 significant applicable and indisputable artistic clues that no doubt bear witness to a thoughtful artistic theme in your life being somewhat overlooked. In other words, to learn (remember) what repressed talent you have hidden in your soul can and will be revealed through a special series of magical acts of non-interpretative motives. Sexual Attraction plays a key role. You are so busily engrossed in other matters of which do not solicit the importance from the major artistic theme showing up at every possible event during your ordinary day, you will need to bring to a conscious level material of which is at present unconscious to you. The reason you must encounter as many as 30 clues is because you are running rampantly 'hurried / scurried' and away from that which desires to engage your scattered sensual attention.

I must digress for a moment to reiterate a very important part of this esoteric sexual artistic talent scavenger hunt. You must be willing to follow the instructions to the letter. If you are not inclined to follow them as written, do not start the process. It will prove to be meaningless. There are no hit and misses. You will be required to note the clues as they appear in sequential order as they become visible. You will not have to look hard, nor will you possess a need to 'make something' out of nothing. The clues will be more than obvious. This is not a game of chance or of 'thrown together' coincidences blended in a contrived way to 'paint a picture' of desired intent. It is an ancient secretly guarded occult practice of powerful instinct measure which provides indisputable clues to your specific life. In order for you to mentally acquire the application of your sexual artistic theme speaking to you in an overt way, you will be required to tabulate, categorize and record the events exactly and precisely as they occur. Agree? With each appropriate clue, you are NOT to add your color interpretation; simply record the material in a non-biased uninvolved way. "State the facts merely as you receive them." Do you understand?

The first clue was attached to the first person who spoke to you on this day. Not the one YOU spoke to but the one who spoke to you. There is a vast difference. Not only is the name of the person of paramount importance, but the last five words spoken by him / her. What were they? Next, at 9:15 am, the nearest paper you are able to reach out and draw to you (with the activity associated) of which belongs to your past, is individually colored. You have given the item too much importance. Reduce itsending flavor in your life.

The 11th phone call you take blessings to you a pertinent message. Pay close attention the use of the word delay, postpone or wait. The first man who you detect wearing a red shirt will embark in a specific action directly aligned to your specific talent. Note this! Find the first place you can actually reach out and touch yellow flowers. How does this place relate to you? What is really going on here? During the afternoon, purposefully engage in a conversation (either in person, phone or internet) with a female who named begins with R. What? (I am aware of using the word 'significant'.) You have no way of knowing what is significant or not simply write it down.

When you arrive home, secure the first photograph of yourself that was taken at least 8 years ago. What are you doing, where are you at and who is with you? What did you have to eat today? Where did it come from? Note the circumances surrounding the 'food event'. Look in your wallet. Count the change you have. Write the exact amount down.

From this assortment of words: choose three:

Nuts, tea, wrapper, feet, cellophane, pen, fan, feather, bicycle, leaves, antennae, speakers, daytime, moon, level, wet, car, kiss, blizzard, matron, celebrity, inches, tailspin, negotiable, ram sack door, bed, warehouse, bacon, baby, surprise, delegate, romper room, satisfy, movie, rain, daily, running, motor cycle, wind, mixer blades, promise, selection

Turn on the television after having completed the list of words. Write down the subject of the first commercial that shows up. Call a friend. Ask him or her if they could go anywhere in the world this moment all expenses paid where it would be. Go find the first book in your house that jumps out at you. Turn to page 67 go 11 lines down and read the sentence, broken or not, it does not matter. Next, when you go to your computer and pull up the internet, find the 7th news story. What happened? Where did the event occur? It will unfold a forgotten inert secret.

Take some time to relax, no distractions. When you are able to get quiet, recall the time when you were 12 years old. What is the first place that comes to mind? Next, name the school where you attended in the 7th grade. Who was your teacher? What did you like or dislike about her? On this day, (today) what is the name of the snack you got for yourself after the hour of seven o'clock? Why do you choose that particular snack? If you have a child, write the next 6 words he / she says to you. If not, write the next 6 words spoken, period.

You are now at a place in your artistic theme that reveals a spectacular clue of momentous measure. Do not overlook this one phrase. Whoever is your mother or mother figure has / had an impossible dream. Try to get her to reveal it to you. This dream must be something that is totally out of the realm of possibility of ever being able to come to pass. Note whatever is dismissed.

Before retiring to bed, a photograph on the wall or painting will shed light on a matter of weighed significance. The color orange will bear witness to its connected relevance. When is the last time you had a glass of win, beer or a mixed drink? Note the place and circumstance. What color clothes did you wear today? How old do you feel? Take a picture of yourself this moment. Either you're your cell phone or camera; matters not with which. Do not look at it until one week from today. Before retiring to bed, find the first object that is purple. Where is it?

How sexual do you feel tonight? Note the intensity on a scale of 1 to 20. Write down the number. [Before going to bed turn on some music from the radio.] What is the first song you hear? Note its message. When you close your eyes, what is the image you see? Pay very close attention to the dreams you have on this night. IF you awake try to remember any part of the dream. Do not interpret it! What date is it when you get up the following morning? How is that date relevant to you? Who is born on that date, married, died, (not necessarily the same month)? Today you will not think of the events of the previous day in any way whatever. After one week has passed you will assemble the notes you made and place them in a story like fashion. This too is only the beginning. Place the folder as not to be tampered with until exactly one month from the date you assembled the notes. During this time and only after at least 37 days have past, you will learn a surprising unmistakable element of artistic desire in you to be realized. This irrefutable secret / talent will continue to show itself through various unsuspecting seemingly unrelated photographs which appear at random.

Although these methods of extraction seem bizarre and somewhat incalculable in understanding of their miraculous workings, you will see with your own two eyes the definite benefit associated. I celebrate with you in your new found sexual sensual artistic sublime sacred discovery. Go with it! Do not allow the temptation of negativity to enter your mind with all sorts of doubts, uncertainities and trials of expenditure procrastination. " believe any such mess as this!

Do what you are called to do. Do not delay. Start today. Things will continue to fall in your path as you begin to seize the opulent opportunities shown. As I have indicated, numerous photographs will provide a further extraction starting point for you to expand your heart's desired artistic quarry. Included with each of the photographs is what I call "Personal Art Essays". You will find them everywhere blatantly staring at you for recognition, processing and assimilation. Pay attention to their obvious pertinent humorous messages as 'little essays.'

These "Essays" are selected by your own soul using an ancient divining esoteric method that has no explanation behind it. It just works. Similar to the esoteric occult wisdom of the I Ching, no one really understands how the hexagrams work; they just do, when selected through a specifically issued manner. The same principle applies to the laws governing numerology, the ancient 'study of numbers'. However, you will not be tossing coins as in the division process of the I Ching or using numerology in the process of your personal artistic revelation selection.

If you tie together the meanings offered so that you are able to refer to these various art forms relating to one particular depiction to a singular (momentary) current event in your life, although at first it may seem a little radical it will release an unsurpassed artistic talent that will not be denied.Do these methods sound strange to you? As you continue to study, observe and add careful note adherent in your self-revealing MODE of Cosmic Therapy task, further elaborated groupings of the collective artistic meanings through the various copious photographs will arise in your day's natural events that will prove to be so meaningful and relevant to your artistic compilation. You will literally laugh out loud at the absurdity of how easy it is to see what your distinct purpose is for being on planet earth.

Strange entails not recognizing, appreciating and applying the sacred solidified randomness of events, including everything that occurs in our lives imbued with all of the haphazard ways that particular circumstances, people, places, events, relationships, and coincidences are strewn together to combine a perfectly unified whole. Since everything has something to do with it coupled with the fact that nothing is isolated, art represents the best means possible to see behind the vague picture of one's life at any given time. You are not who you think you are and your life is certainly not what you perceive it to be. You're in for one of the funniest most surprising rides of your life, a hap hazardous roaster coaster journey into the depths of your artistic soul where all of your talents are stored. Happy hunting !!!

Source by Paula Andrea Pyle

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