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Austrian Food – WIENER SCHNITZEL and Best Beer Garden in Salzburg, Austria!

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On a spur of the moment trip, we decided to catch a train from Munich, Germany to Salzburg, Austria – which is just a 1.5 hour train ride away. We only had a few hours, so I wanted to make the most of eating Austrian food for the time we had. We also were able to walk around Salzburg and visit some famous attractions during the day.

Here’s the list of Austrian food I ate during a one day trip to Salzburg, Austria:

1. Cafe Am Kai – Cafe Am Kai is a nice trendy cafe along the river with great views. I ordered a kleiner brauner, a type of Austrian style coffee and an apple strudel. Total price – 14.40 EUR for 3 of us

2. Bärenwirt Restaurant – This is a restaurant that serves fantastic home-style Austrian food in Salzburg. To begin with I ordered frothed beer soup, which was very creamy and pretty good. I ordered my first ever wiener schnitzel in Austria, which is one of the Austrian food national dishes. Finally I had to try the Austrian käsespätzle an extremely warming and cheesey pasta dish. Price – 33.90 EUR

3. Balkan Grill Walter – Balkan Grill is known to serve the best bosna sausage, a type of Austrian food sausage that originates from Salzburg. It was honestly an amazing sausage, but I think it would have been better with some kind of sauce on it. Bosna sausage – 3.70 EUR

4. Augustiner Bräu Kloster Mülln – There’s no doubt Augustiner Bräu Kloster Mülln is the best of the best, an institution beer garden and hall in Salzburg. They serve your beer right out of the barrel, and it’s amazingly crisp. You can then walk around and order Austrian food from any number of the food stalls. Small beer – 3.10 EUR, ribs and sausage plates – 14.95 EUR, fish – 9 EUR

We then completely ran out of time and had to run to the Salzburg train station to catch our train back to Munich!

Thank you very much for watching this Austrian food tour in Salzburg!

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  1. Thank you for watching. We had an amazing time visiting Germany and this Austria day trip. Japanese food videos start Wednesday!

  2. Mark love your videos and most of all your Family bless you and keep up the great work . can't wait for Micah to join you eating with both of you love and peace

  3. Yocheved Mendelson

    The fish looks great!🖒i wish I could have come to visit in this country but another time. Yes i really like river fish but i would not to go just for food alone bit also to see more of the countryside….great video🖒🖒🖒🖒

  4. Kelly Harman Harman

    loved it Micah is so oooo cute think he is ready to try your food

  5. Hi mark i am big fan of yur……u r awsum……whenever u visit india..plz visit delhi i show many places where u love the excellent indian fine cuisine with lot of veg & non veg dishes…….👍

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    thats a house dummie or withces house lol

  7. Katie Love Hue TV

    are people travelling to start a restaurant?

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  9. Micah needs his own channel on Instagram! 😊

  10. Why'd you pour in that milk so violently?

  11. your videos in Munich really bring back memories from a highschool trip i had with some of my best buddies, glad you enjoyed as much as i did!!!

  12. i was waving away the fly
    yummy !

  13. Andrea Giacomelli Photography and Video

    Sorry, but Käsespätzle is not Pasta! O.O Sorry but I'm half italian and half Austrian and I can't hear that! =D =D

  14. There is another Asian girl. I guess they had a threesome.

  15. Nothing better than smoked fish, grilled ribs, & cold➖crisp fresh from the Barrel Beer 🍻

    Damn Mark 🍻WELL DONE ✅

  16. Looks like u really liked 9:00💓 the cheesy pasta wow looks really good

    Now I'm going to get some Hebrew national hotdogs from Trader Joe's & cook it with curry powder!!!!!!!!
    Drizzle it with Dijon mustard as u said u would…… Boom 💥 done!!!!!!!!! Done ✅

  17. Thanks Mark. Once again i enjoy this Austrian food trip. Your baby so cute. God bless your family

  18. dantealighieri1265

    you missed to try a special dessert from Salzburg. It's called Salzburger Nockerl 😀

  19. I love your content but stop promoting 23&me or similar, the financial gain is imoral.

  20. Mark I love you !! I had a silly questions !! Which cell phone do you use !!? This question just cuz I love food and cellphones ! If you get time check my Instagram noelgodard

  21. Thanks for your kindness and that yor enjoyed our food

    Xoxo lukas and larissa form the fish and chickengrill at Augustinerbräu
    See more of us at http://www.kneidl.cc
    We are allso at oktoberfest in Munich at the Zirkuswiese

  22. Mark, do you eat everything you get or just a few bites of everything?

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