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A&W ROOTBEER Burgers & Sandwiches, Japan – Eric Meal Time #252

A&W Root Beer is a root beer brand primarily available in the United States , Canada, and Okinawa, Japan. Started in 1919 by Roy W. Allen and Frank Wright. Originally, A&W root beer drinks sold for five cents. They also serve a variety of delicious burgers and sandwiches.
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  1. chandra danuarta

    yeah AW RootBeer is the best

  2. There's only music

    Yeah, i agree Eric. When are they finally going to ban al cigarettes worldwide? Is it ever going to happen? It really gets on my nerves when someone is smoking near me. Especially when you 're having something to eat or drink or just want to relax. There's always one selfish person who ruins everything by blowing smoke into everyone's faces.

  3. Great video Eric! the burgers look so good next time I hit america I'll have to try one and then when I head to japan try it there see if the taste is different. I probably should have grabbed food before I started to watch though because now I am craving a burger, I suppose I could order one from my local takeaway maybe get the 4 patties version juicy Lucy style.

    on the note of Japanese not seeming to really like root beer, we Brits are not the biggest fan too, when McDonald's first came to the UK the sold it but dropped it since it just did not seem to sell, I had a sip of A&W root beer last time I went to America I kinda has a medical taste like antiseptic cream (germolene smell) I think it's definitely a you will either love it or hate it drink.

  4. Eric
    I just don't remember A&W Burger being that large as a kid.
    But it looks Great.

  5. the food is not escaping, please eat slowly

  6. Great Video! And the smoke really is very bad for the taste!

  7. Love the vids

  8. I love A&W. My fiancé and I grabbed a couple burgers from there tonight, actually. GET SOME!!!


  10. Lived in California for 24 years, never seen an A&W store. Also I was waiting for you to point out the free-refills 🙂

  11. See you Over there !!

    Tell you what’s not cool the way you eat. What a tosser

  12. I like grandpa burger.

  13. A&W is definitely probably the best fast food chain we have here in Canada. The food quality is above any other and is always fresh and fast. The root beer is excellent and all their ingredients are from Canada.

  14. Everything looked soo yummy 😁

  15. The burgers looked so good

  16. roundingcorners

    that situation with the guy ordering a beer is pretty funny

  17. Bau rokok pun nangis. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  18. Junk food video #251 well done, enjoy the highly processed sugar & carbs. Enjoy what you are doing to your own body rather than a bit of smoke in the air.

  19. OMG Eric just watching you making love to your food is entertaining enough Butt you are right A&W Root Beer is by far the best but mix it with a Burger its so satisfying. Love your Vids and your food facial Reactions P.S Try Mixing Root Beer and Bourbon 🥃 ……..
    Cheers. Mark🇦🇺

  20. Eat inside next time, don’t let someone else ruin the establishments meal.

  21. Pls just pls

  22. Snack Pack me!!! You should offer a snack pack drawing on a tier for your Patreon Page.

  23. I have several friends from all over Europe and anytime I get them to try Root Beer they always end up not liking it. Some have even told me it reminds them of medicine they had as a kid. 🙁

  24. Looks just the USA version but smaller. We have one of the last surviving A&W's in Yucaipa, CA. It will be interesting to see how long this restaurant lasts in Japan. I have shared root beer all over the world and everyone has told me they don't like it because it tastes like medicine to them. Now I wonder what medicine tastes like root beer.

  25. That root beer float tho

  26. I get excited every time you upload a new video!

  27. Ah… I know how you feel when other customers start smoking while you are eating 🙁🚭

  28. peter albiston

    A and w food looks very nice ur root beer looks class and ur food and onion rings hmmm a big fan of ur vids thumbs up from me looking for word to the next vid Eric surf6 😁😊😎😃

  29. I’d rather smell smoke than listen to all your obnoxious talking.

  30. Root beer floats are amazing!💙

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