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Basics of Home Brewing: What is a bottle capper?

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A bottle capper is a sturdy device often made of plastic and metal that crimps bottle caps onto the top of filled bottles. There are several different varieties of bottle cappers varying in price and ease of use. Most entry-level bottle cappers are a twin-lever design that clamps onto the neck of the bottle and then plunges a metal bell-shaped cup onto the cap, thus crimping the entire cap in one press. Another more advanced capper is the bench top bottle capper, in which the same action occurs, but there is no need to clamp to the top of the bottle. Because a bottle rests on the bottom of the bench presser, the lever simply presses the bell-shaped cup onto the cap, thus sealing the bottle. Bench top cappers are somewhat easier to use because the lever is larger and allows much more power to be pressed onto the cap with less exertion.


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