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Beer Duck Recipe

Duck, Beer, Corn, Garlic, Ginger, Chili, Star Anise, Sichuan Pepper, Soy Sauce, Salt, Spring Onion, Cooking Rice Wine.

Super delicious Chinese dish, that accompanies beer so well on a hot day.
Follow the directions and you can’t go wrong.
Any questions, please ask.

Feel free to tweak this recipe to fulfill your wildest dreams.
Tastes even better with Lotus.

Thanks for watching.

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  1. Arthur Nieuwland

    This channel should be called This Asian woman
    It's great

  2. Kingjamescorona1

    Happy to have you guys back! Happy holidays!

  3. Kingjamescorona1

    You gotta eat the butt. It's common practice nowadays.

  4. That is a massive duck!

  5. James Openshaw

    Love the gas line through umbrella hole

  6. "I'm afraid, my love". Seriously, protect her! She's so adorable!

  7. Looking forward to trying this! On another note.. If you were to video your beer brewing / rice wine process I'd watch the heck out of that video. Miss your old wine creations

  8. brackitbrackit

    I should buy a wok.

  9. You guys are so cute! Midnight bbq.  I bet your neighbors love you.

  10. Great video, you guys always make me laugh way harder than I was expecting to ( : The beer flip almost gave me an anxiety attack even though I knew it would work because you showed it in the video! Duck is in season this time of year where I live and I"m going to try this with one of this weekends ducks. The sauce will probably have more of a mineral/game taste because of the wild duck but imagine the soy will cut that pretty well I think. I don't know, have to try! Thanks guys

  11. DarkoDynamite

    Fuck yeah beer and duck

  12. That beer inversion seems nerve-racking!

  13. "unfortunately for me" Thats fucking fantastic, ahahahhaha. All your stuff is great man.

  14. I think you can get canned or frozen lotus root if you can't find the fresh ones.

  15. I actually wrote it down. Now i feel like i should continue and write a short story?

  16. Great work! Looking forward to watch this. Very happy that you guys keep making those videos!

  17. Try Korean shops for lotus roots. They love the stuff.

  18. Stefan Karlsson

    Awesome editing! One of these days I'll actually cook some of these tasty looking recipes this asian woman makes.
    *Edit: that ending, so adorable!

  19. Ramadan Fishler

    Love these videos! Keep up the good work!

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