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  1. Waaaay too fast, Billy. Gonna get a speeding ticket.

  2. Jonathan Krutsch

    Those fingers are spitting some fire, and that piano is spitting right back.

  3. Jesus Fucking Christ Billy. Just when I manage to master it at normal speed, you come up with this.

  4. Moises De Anda

    toooo fast i cant even hear what hes playing,richard’s performance is my fav

  5. Wasn't cocaine big in those days?…just sayin' LOL Holy crap was that fast!

  6. Classic Coke!

  7. To the five people who didn't like this, I'll bet you couldn't play it half as well at half speed!

  8. Stanley TryHard

    He didn't play this fast to showcase the melody: everyone interested enough already knew that. This was to highlight the talent.

  9. Best part is the face at 1:28

  10. Guaaaaaau! It´s very faaaast. Great Billy.

  11. Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  12. Moises De Anda

    too fast i couldn't enjoy it

  13. I was listening to the album recording of this song, and I thought to myself "it can't be this fast live". Of course it's even fucking faster.

  14. lopindoosherfl

    Just imagine that he's having a wank instead of playing the piano haha

  15. The Gaming Fuzzball TV

    Amazing, Billy!

  16. Marina Daniela

    it goes so fast that i can't appreciate the melody!

  17. 名前などない




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