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  1. Nice! But are the leafs eatable Sky…?

  2. Charles Gorillionaire

    So a Blackberry Bourbon Smash topped with wit rather than soda?

    Try it topped with a weizenbock instead, and use a Bonded bourbon.

  3. Darren DarrelDva


  4. damn i need to make this

  5. This channel is more dead than my soul

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  7. my favorite berry is this one!

  8. a black bear….EEE
    i rememeber one of my dreams i killed a small blaCk bear, but a brown one that was way bigger came next, than a giant, nearly 3 story tall hairless bear like, hamster, rat thing with empty opaque eyes was looking down at me with a watering mouth, but before it could strike its head was cut off!
    and i became the beast
    try out this SHOT
    3 of my favorite drinks that describe my culture!
    three liquors in one shot,i call it the BANSHEE'S CREAM

    hahaha get it, "banshee *SCREAM*" for ice cream!

    anyways one part irish cream, one part golden scotch, one part golden tequila, these three monsters will keep you up and night and asleep at dawn!


  10. Things like this im willing to try. Not 3+ liqours and whatnot. Simple, fairly cheap. Not a fan of bean but im willing to try this one

  11. Looks good skyy

  12. Damn that look delicious & I don’t even drink beer 😋

  13. i see through your shit sky, stop trying to be me hahhahaha

  14. Subhendu Adhikary


  15. What does this have to do with a black bear Skyy???

    jk, I'm just jealous of your accent.

  16. That looks good might have to get that one a try

  17. 3rd coment hahahahahha

  18. Second

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