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  1. James Anderson

    An epic hole! Great finds… including the creepy doll's head and eyes!

  2. Nice finds. How I would love to be a fly listening to you guys digging. And I may say for most viewers, thanks for not showing Adam's butt crack!

  3. wolf spirit outdoors

    Brilliant dig lads. Some great finds. Love the pipe bowl with Vicky on it. Well done. 👍

  4. Your codd top is called a Dobson or four way style codd. ANOTHER COMBRIE GINGER!!!!! WOOHOO

  5. Another amazing dig👍

  6. Mississippi BottleDigs

    Awesome finds there. You guys dug some great bottles and relics…Have a great week. GL&HH

  7. That tooth paste lid at beginning in white & green broke😭😭😢 but was a good sign as you said of wat quality is there if put work in. Love the ginger the cream wit really faded writing people cud dig bottles collect there whole life not find a ginger like tat 10 out of 10 find. Just need find a blue codd or hamilton or ginger wit blue writing glaze brillant vid hunt look forward to next☘🇮🇪👍

  8. old glasgow tenaments and history

    some top finds just found your channel amazing local history found

  9. Randolph Relic Recovery

    That is some kind of dedication! Some real beauties!

  10. amazing too see you find a green top after you giving the last one to your friend cant mind his name well found

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