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Bottling In Growlers Brewing TV

Welcome to Brewing TV. Today we’ll tap into a homebrew controversy, bottling in growlers.

There is a lot of discussion on this topic, and while how you bottle is ultimately your choice, we’re here to tell you what we know

There are several types of growlers on the market, but most boil down into two categories, the standard 64 ounce growler you can find at your local brew pub and the slightly more rugged 2 liter flip top growler.

The “great growler controversy” appears to be mainly centered around your standard 64 ounce growler. These guys are really designed to transport beer from point A, your favorite brewpub, to point B your favorite place of consumption. The standard caps you see with these have a generally poor o-ring seal and are dodgy at best for maintaining pressure over a long period of time. You can upgrade to PVC plastic lined screw caps, and these do help to maintain pressure, but reliability is not 100%.


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