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BOX BREW KITS Home Beer Brewing Kit (unboxing)

I got a special surprise when Box Brew Kits sent me a home brewing kit to make homemade beer, complete with a Vanilla Porter mix!

Today I’m unboxing this kit. Join me (and *Betty) in the future as I try not to explode my house and set this thing in motion! I’ll be checking in on the progress and intermediate steps in future vlogs and hopefully more small brew batches of delicious beers in the future!

What’s your favorite style of beer?

I love dark, dark beers; Stouts, Porters, etc. You can check out what I’m drinking on http://instagram.com/samproof


The Kit I’m using is the 1 gallon Handcrafted Small Batch Beer Making Home Brewing Kit with cobalt blue bottles:


For my first batch I’ll be brewing up the Bourbon Vanilla Porter:

•1 gallon beer making ingredient recipe kit
•All grain recipe kit
•Includes grains, hops, yeast, muslin straining bag, Madagascar vanilla bean
•Takes approx 3 weeks from start to finish
•Includes no-rinse sanitizer and priming sugar

* Don’t worry folks Betty will not be drinking this beer. But she will be taking part of the process. I think this hands on approach to applicable science is an awesome experience for a kid to see happen.


Box Brew Kits Info:

Built by hand from rustic pine
Fits in a small apartment
Everything you need to start brewing
Brews 1 gallon of beer in about 3 weeks. Recipe kits available separately.
Includes full instructions, over 20 recipes, and brewers log

This is their description of the 1 gallon kit they sent me:
Our popular “QuarterMaster” beer making kit is a great option for beginner and veteran brewers alike who have limited space and an eye for style. This kit measures 25″x14″, and boasts a large hinged compartment for any extra accessories. A compact design provides everything you need to brew – and bottle – 1 gallon of beer. Each of the four re-usable cobalt blue quart-size bottles is perfect for sharing. A full set of instructions and recipes are provided. Parts included: Box Brew Kit 1-gallon base, handcrafted from rustic pine or reclaimed wood. One 1-gallon glass fermenter 4 reusable 1-quart cobalt blue flip-top bottles (no need for capping) Triple-scale hydrometer with glass test jar (and stand), for measuring alcohol content Auto-siphon, for quickly and easily transferring your beer between vessels 2″ Stainless Steel Funnel Drilled rubber stopper 3-piece plastic airlock Laboratory thermometer 2 Miscellaneous glass jars (for extra ingredients, sanitizer, etc.) 3′ length of 5/16″ tubing, for siphoning your beer Recipe Book with over 25 recipes to choose from Brewers’ Log Full set of instructions A large stockpot will be needed for the brewing process – brewing pots are not included in our kits as most folks already have a suitable pot at home! Recipe packs are not included and are available for separate purchase.


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** This is an honest review, no money has exchanged hands. The company sent me their product for free and i’m genuinely both excited and completely overwhelmed! 🙂

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