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Brewing an American Amber Ale—Chill & Pitch (Le Gourmet TV)

(This video is part of a larger brewing series published by Le Gourmet TV.)

In episode one Doug stops by to help us taste past brews and adjust the recipe (available on the Le Gourmet YouTube channel)
In episode two we unpack the BREWHA BIAC
In episode three Doug helps us mash in and Matt stops by to give us a taste of Sawdust City ‘Limberlost’
In episode four we sparge and boil
In episode five we chill and pitch
In episode six… we taste the brew!

The particulars:
Amber Ale
19L batch size
3.68 Kg 2 Row
.59 Kg Kiln Amber L15-20
.59 Kg Cyrstal 80 Briess
14g Cascade 60 minutes
14g Perle 60 minutes
5g Magnum 60 minutes
28g Cascade 15 minutes
28g Cascade Dry Hop
1 pkg Safale US-05 Ale Yeast

5.3 ABV, OG 1.053, FG 1.013, IBU 43.6

Strike water 22.37L @157ºF
Mash 60 minutes @150ºF
Mash out @168ºF
Fly sparge 5.5L @168ºF
Pre boil volume 22.5L
60 minute boil with hop additions
Jacket chill to pitch temp of 65ºF
Direct pitched dry yeast into wort

Dry Hopped 3 days after fermentation stopped
Cold crashed before kegging

OG: 1.054
FG: 1.012
ABV: 5.6

Brewed July 10 2016
Kegged July 20 2016
Force carbed @ 12.5 psi for one week


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