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Brewing Mead | How To Make A Metheglin

In this video I show how I made a Metheglin which is a spiced mead. This mead is a Ginger Hibiscus Tea infused mead so check it out and try it yourself. See recipe below

Metheglin: A mead made with added spices – often considered to have medicinal traits.

1 gallon Recipe:

**3lbs of Honey per gallon**
**Skip step 2 & 4 to make a plain mead adding warm water inplace of tea mixture**

1.Place bottle of honey in warm water for 15min to help it thin out so its easier to put into your fermentor

2.In one gallon jug of warm water add 1/3 cup of Hibiscus flowers and 1 tbsp of grated ginger. Let sit for 15 min

3.Squeeze 3lbs of Honey into your fermentor

4. Pour your tea mixture into a measuring cup filtering out all the hibiscus and ginger you can then add to your fermentor.

5. Make sure to leave head space for your yeast.

6. Add 1tsp of Yeast Energizer to your fermentor then mix well.

7.Add Yeast

**Add a blow off tube for the first 24 hours because your mead is going to foam then add an airlock. The foam will push your airlock right out **

Supplies Used:

Ginger root:


Yeast Energizer:

1 Gallon Carboy:

Mead Yeast:

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