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How To Formulate Homebrewing Beer Recipes With Percentages

http://www.brew-dudes.com/using-percentages-beer-recipes/6777 This week I discuss in detail why I like to think of my grain bill in percentages rather than straight pounds and ounces. One of the most over looked aspect of communicating recipes back and forth is the omission of efficiency in your system. We are even guilty of ...

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Mussels in Beer Butter Broth, chef Artur Wnorowski

Recipe from episode 8: Savory sausage adds to the depth of flavor in this delicious appetizer of Mussels in Beer Butter Broth. More info and recipes at http://polandonaplate.com/ Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PolandonaPlate Poland on a Plate is a unique culinary series showcasing the new flavors of Poland while delighting ...

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Perfect Homebrew Recipe

Hello to all , applying all the various tips that I have posted , I managed to create the perfect recipe , thank you so much ! I hope you will continue to comment on my video , giving many other great tips, although I must confess that : TRADITIONAL ...

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