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CHICHA Corn Beer recipe

After having malted the corn, today we prepare the Chicha a typical South American beer made with corn. Try it and let me know, it’s not bad and is very refreshing especially in summer.
Perfect for all those who want to make beer at home and try to experiment new techniques and new ingredients.

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  1. thank you very much for your effort but i have another question ? i feel that the fermented will explode from the vibrations leave it or make a small hole from the top to get the gas out

  2. does this mean that beer is ruined ?

  3. i did it with yeast and a bit of beer but the beer color became light yellow not brown

  4. i mean it was brown how did you do it

  5. how did the yeast in this recipe thank you

  6. castanheira99

    I can understand italian in cases you use but can't write it properly.
    My question is probably usefull for many: are using a recipient of inox or is it alluminum? Does it makes diference to ferment on alluminum?

  7. Can you make brewer yeast at home

  8. Is it not possible to make barley beer at home ?

  9. Pl make a video on home made barley beer just like corn beer

  10. I love your channel,fantastic

  11. Can we make barley beer by using malted barley in place of corn by using the method of this recipe

  12. hi man , grazie for ure videos , i just i just wonder about the type of yeast you are using , can i use the bread yeast

  13. beck december

    i like your chnnel. very interesting.

  14. Richard Reynolds

    Like the videos. What type of yeast did you use? Champaign or ale yeast?

  15. Solairaj Ramasamy

    Signore, la mia birra di mais fermenta il terzo giorno. L'ho assaggiato È di sapore acerbo. L'ho fatto secondo il tuo video. Cosa è andato storto nella mia birra.

  16. Solairaj Ramasamy

    And one more question, shall we broke the malted corn before boiling?

  17. Solairaj Ramasamy

    Is it necessary to boil the Malted corn or maintain at 60degree for one hour?

  18. Do you think it would work with honey as a percutor? instead of the brown sugar?

  19. Looks fabulous!

  20. Razvan Hornet

    hello , this beer is working with Saccharomyces cerevisiae baker's yeast? I think is no problem, because the name of the Ale beer yeast is same Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

  21. Bravo maestro, ho usato google traduttore per scrivere questo

  22. Michael Kraemer

    Hey, love your channel. I just discovered it a few weeks back and I subbed pretty much immediately. Thanks again.

  23. Ines De La Hoya

    You are so handsome! Cheers! xoxo

  24. Solairaj Ramasamy

    Is it the same corn or it is another?

  25. Solairaj Ramasamy

    What corn you used? Is it already Malted corn or fresh corn.? Little confusion.

  26. Solairaj Ramasamy

    Oh. It's fantastic. Lots of foam coming when you pour in the glass tumpler. I will try at my home.

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