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Come and Brew It Radio: Episode 109 — Making Plans for Nigel #2 (Q&A for Brewers ) Part 1

In this episode, we’re going back to another segment of our Making Plans for Nigel discussion where we cover more of the questions we had leftover from our first round. We had a good response to what we discussed and could have easily filled up a few more hours on most of the questions, so here we are again! So if you’re listening live, be sure to chime in and ask about any details!

Before we get started, please be sure to check out our Patreon account to help support the show. Every little bit counts and if you visit patreon.com/ComeandBrewItRadio we have a variety of options for you to help keep the show going, get involved, and improve it! Tonight we’d also like to thank Rob Vandeweyer for his support!

General Aroma/Flavor profiles you can expect
Malt sensory brewers can try at home
Recipe usage
UK Crystal Malts vs US Crystal/Caramel Malts
History and differences/similarities (in terms of how they’re made)
General discussion on experiences brewing with US vs UK versions
Future Munton Products
All-in-One beer in a bag – coming to the US market later this year as part of dedication to homebrewers (25 pint all-in-one extract batch made in the bag–no equipment required)
New pale ale malt varietal to replace Propino later this year
Recap of British Ales?

In future episodes, we will have some chats with probrewers, hit up a few more listener requests, and get into some experiments, so keep listening!


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