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Contest for experiment on the moon held in India

Two teams of young people from Italy and India have won the right to conduct experiments on the moon.

The contest in southern India was organized by a group of researchers called Team Indus, who want to nurture future scientists. The age limit was 25.

The researchers plan to launch a lunar lander in December and put rovers on the moon with the Japanese private-sector team, HAKUTO.

15 teams advanced to the final round of the competition in Bengaluru, which ended on Wednesday.

The young scientists were asked to create ideas for experiments under strict conditions, such as making their equipment weigh less than 250 grams.

The winning Italian team proposed testing the effectiveness and efficiency of an innovative radiation shield using bacteria on the moon.

The other teams suggested observing photosynthesis or brewing beer using yeast on the moon.

The devices needed to carry out the winning experiments will be transported to the moon in December.


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