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Crabbies Original Ginger Beer : Albino Rhino Beer Review

Booberry and I take a look at a ginger beer in Crabbies Original Ginger Beer, this was a spring seasonal at the LCBO and can still be found at a few select locations. Will it be a chemical cocktail or a true ginger beer which I LOVE!

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  1. I like it….but as a Moscow Mule!

  2. For clarity this is not beer. The LCBO lists it as a cooler.

  3. I absolutely love this stuff….ice ice cold with a fresh lemon wedge squeezed and dropped in it….soooooo good.  Unfortunately its 5 bucks a bottle here but this summer im sure ive spent a couple hundred on it…..ice cold and with fresh lemon is the best way to enjoy it, takes it to a whole new level

  4. Do a review of royal Jamaican ginger beer

  5. Very true, just like some coffee stouts are able to make me cringe but if you love coffee it's awesome.

  6. I cringe every time I see it on my LC shelf lol probably GREAT if you like strong ginger lol

  7. Do you like ginger ma

  8. It's not really a beer, a ginger beer is more like a cooler than anything…think ginger ale, with the spicy kick of ginger left in and alcohol…all a ginger beer should be and in that fashion this was OK, but it isn't a good beer oin the vein of what a beer is I'd fully agree.

  9. This beer is absolutely terrible, i don't know how it possibly got a 7.5 rating..

  10. Oh we reviewed the Ginger Mead on Sunday…just waiting to get it into the posting rotation.

  11. If you want a strong GINGER beer, try the Ginger Mead by Trafalgar Brewing Co. It took me a while to finish it and was a lil too gingery for my liking.

  12. Oh we have 2 more bottles to do that with later on.

  13. GUYS!!! You need to pour that over ice and add a good generous serving of lemon or lime!!! LOVE IT A LOT!!

  14. I liked it quite a bit as well, drank a bunch of them while they were available here!

  15. great review! i love this stuff

  16. Ah, see I'd probably really enjoy the reserve version.

  17. Crabbies also do a 'Reserve' version more ginger and ABV 6%

  18. I'll give it a look see, thanks!

  19. If you can find it get royal jamaican ginger beer. It has a beautifully spicy ginger kick to it! Been out of stock for some time here though 🙁

  20. It would have been it would have made me greatly enjoy it.

  21. DonRig13 Beer Reviews

    I like it as well! But like you said..more of a kick would have been great eh!!

  22. *shrug* I enjoyed it, it might be because it is the only alcoholic ginger beer I can get but I found it alright.

  23. But getting it into Ontario for sale is almost as hard as getting it into like Zimbabwe for sale! 🙂

  24. This is pish water Rhino some alcoholic Gingerbeers are ok but this aint one of them…The best thing Crabbies make is Green Ginger which is really nice in a touch of Scotch to make a Whisky Mac in the winter evenings..

  25. Thanks boss, and the thing I love about this group of misfits is we aren't acting for the most part *though we do force tim to act every once in awhile* this is just us being us….it's weird that we have meshed as a group so well for so many years….but a basement full of weirdos with messed up senses of humour seems to be enjoyable for people!

  26. It's not as much bite as I personally want in my ginger and it does come off a bit sweeter than it should which gives it a bit of an artificial feel, but it's still real good and the first real ginger beer I've seen on the shelves here * and I mean real as in first alcoholic*

  27. Yeah I'd look at it more like an alcoholic soda, but ginger beer always seems to be a love or hate type of thing, you either love it or hate it and usually nothing in between….I personally love ginger beers so as long as they don't some how screw it to smitherines I'll enjoy it.

  28. Thanks boss, glad you enjoyed, more like an alcoholic pop than I'd hope I personally enjoy the more bite in my ginger beer but very drinkable if you like ginger beers…..probably hated by anyone that is just used to ginger ales!

  29. Yeah you can find a lot of soda pop ginger beers but to find an alcoholic one this is the first true alcoholic ginger beer I've had, I'd love to try the ginger beard though.

  30. I was a little bit, I mean I love ginger beer, but alcoholic ginger beer isn't really something that is represented here.

  31. sounds interesting enough for me to go out and search for now, nice review guys!

  32. ReigningOnYourParade

    First alcoholic ginger beer i've ever seen on the shelf's in America. I think of it like a soda….and i like it. Beergoggles thinks this is junk.

  33. Man, I've been avoiding this because it's more cooler than beer, Ratebeer and BA doesn't even classify it as a Beer, and $5.75 is an awful lot to pay for a Cooler… However I *love* Ginger beers, I may have to give this a try. Sounds like it tastes the part. Cheers!

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