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Craft Beer 101

The purpose of this class is to lay down a foundational knowledge of beer styles and how to enjoy them. Eight beer styles from around the world will be sampled while the history of beer and the brewing process is explained. After this class you will have an educated appreciation for beer and might just be able to explain its subtleties to you friends.

Beers sampled in this class:
Four Winds Brewing’s Pilsner
Persephone Brewing’s Goddess Golden Ale
Red Truck’s IPA
Persephone Brewing’s Black Lager
Powell Street Craft Brewery’s Stout
La Brassiere Dupont’s Moinette Brune

Recorded at Steamworks Brew Pub in Vancouver, BC on January 27th, 2015

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  1. Some good info but for a video it's a little too much time spent talking about beers we are not drinking because we are watching in our solitary sadness.

  2. This is a good post.

  3. at 42 min LOL that asian dude got a buzz on and need to take a leak HAHA but GREAT PRESENTATION though. it is the exact video i was looking for 🙂

  4. I believe esters are R-C=OOR if Remember from orgo correctly.

  5. 10 min of actual content. 50 min of annoying lady talking. what a waste of time

  6. The Rusty Nail Brewery & Tap Room

    Nice one, great that, do you have the powerpoint slides available?

  7. very informative and amazing. thank you sir

  8. yes. sierra nevada uses hop oils in their hop hunter. one of their better beers

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