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Craft Beer Brewer Prefers Bottoms Up Over Traditional Draft

As a brewer, you want others to experience your beer in the best way possible and the Bottoms Up draft beer system does just that. This Bull Durham Brewer not only talks about the benefits the system has over traditional pours but that beer served this way ACTUALLY TASTES BETTER! That’s right, the same beer when poured through Bottoms Up holds the aroma, head and flavors better than one served using traditional taps. The system continually pushes the beer through itself instead of being dropped into a glass, causing a more natural and consistent result regardless of your skill level when pouring. The natural nucleation cause by the magnet ensures the aroma and nose of the beer throughout the drinking experience.

Bottoms Up serves beer the way the Brewer intended, so stop dealing with traditional draft systems and start seeing what craft beer can really do.

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