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  1. nightshadowdragon7

    I went on the Sierra Nevada Tour . . It was a learning experience. I love the Hops room it smells so good. The restaurant had excellent food as well.

  2. Middle Tennessee State University has a Fermentation Science program now! I'll be looking it it!

  3. dude – his ph reading wasn't a specific gravity reading. reporters never get it right.

  4. Aber nicht im ernst?

    Murica and Beer… Not even once!!!

  5. would love to keep watching but the narrator is driving me insane

  6. The homebrewer section was screwed up. He was taking a pH reading and you said he was taking a gravity reading.

  7. This Documentary is incomplete. Where's the part about making ugly babies?

  8. I like my beers and ales naturally brewed.

  9. Fleck Smugbrother

    On a regular basis, as part of my job, I tour the Pilsner Urquell brewery. What a joy to see their brewing process.

  10. Yeah, that " all beer is 12%" rap is bs. A 12%'r would be something on the order of a strong ale or barleywine. The average beer is 3.2 to 5%. My average home brew is around 5.2-5.6%ABV. And back to the future indeed! I've brewed the rare German dampfbier, extinct E German kottbusser, colonial whiskely to name a few. Whiskely is an early colonial slang for bourbon barrel aged porter, then the then new stout porter. I find the older styles have flavor complexities lost to the modern world. I'd love to try a budweiser from 1870 or so. They used more malt & hops in those days. Or the stock ale brewed in Cleveland, OH till the 1950's.

  11. I brew my own all grain beer and I agree that the beer I make is better than most beers I can buy. Even my wife likes my beer and she hates beer in general.

  12. great program however the statement that most beers contain 12% alcohol is generally incorrect, beer is on average 6%-7% unless it is a specialty brew.

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