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Fat Night – Root Beer

“Root Beer” from the self-titled album by Fat Night. Get the album on iTunes: http://bit.ly/1nTpiva ...




  2. i think people would actually like hitler if he had richtofens.. interestingly explosive personality

  3. Mr Blik liked this

  4. Potatosheeplee

    who doesn't like ze root beer

  5. Mister MattyMiccyMarry

  6. Matmicmar

  7. Sad to see the only thing keeping cod alive end… 2016 is the worst year lol

  8. Thatguypoprocks _

    Came here from MatMicMar.

  9. What map was this on

  10. TheRealMoch Yeh

    Just Richthofen in a Double Tap Root Beer Commercial just singing this song. In my mind it's just beautiful. 😂

  11. TheEliteRanger 02

    im watching it in 2016


    I love root beer. IJ

  13. double tap double tap double tap double tap double tap double tap root beer root beer who doesn't like the root beer

  14. jasmine barnes

    I love him

  15. Is anybody else watching this in 2016.

  16. It's funny because his favorite drink is speed cola


  18. LOL LMAO RIGHT NOW LOVE THE SUBTITLES by the way very nice!

  19. Supposedly Germans dislike root beer and it isn't sold commonly there.

  20. Who does like the Root beer?

  21. Omg replay button broke👍😂

  22. I would support Richtofen if he was a dictator or a nazi leader.

  23. beliieveiinhumans

    Best quote ever.

  24. Lord Of the Potatoes

    yeah Canada is ALSO a big fan of Root Beer XD

  25. Does everyone in this comment section like ze root beer?

  26. Dubble tap dubble tap double tap double tap

  27. German Idol* 😉

  28. Camille Costello

    Like for Double Tap

  29. Pirate Enthusiast

    100th Like 🙂

  30. loganlightsaber

    I mean disembowelment

  31. loganlightsaber

    Zombies it's time for your disease

  32. loganlightsaber


  33. Arthur Kirkland

    do not work for maxis !

  34. Arthur Kirkland

    ok i promise

  35. Arthur Kirkland

    ze root beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr

  36. Edward richtofen


  37. I'll get you some Double Tap Root Beer, Richtofen. Just promise to throw to bottle at Dempsey when you are finished

  38. HellAngelSephiroth (samuel5sam)

    Seriously, who doesn't like the root beer?

  39. Edward Richtofen

    You don't want to help Maxis.. HE WILL KILL YOU! Remember that..

  40. Ok, that's it, I'm going to go help Maxis! He is a lot less cryptic. Find another survivor to do your dirty work!

  41. Edward Richtofen

    You should know that.

  42. But how can we listen to the voices and help you if we do not know what to do?

  43. Edward Richtofen

    You don't get killed..Other than that.. FIND OUT ON YOUR OWN.

  44. We have powered up the obelisk per your instructions. What do we do next?

  45. Edward Richtofen

    Ah, my lovely voice! Oh, ja..

  46. REALY! I was in a modded lobby and this head poped up and it said 300 for a Doubb-tap-perk, and it was Richtofen's head! it was so awesome! and better yet, IT WAS AT DER RIESE!!! IT WAS SICK!!!!!

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