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E-HERMS Brewing System

This video shows, a complete overview of the Electric Heat Exchanged Recirculating Mash brewing System that I designed and built including a sample brewday. Click ‘SHOW MORE’ for more info, links, credits.

Special thanks to www.theelectricbrewery.com and to www.homebrewtalk.com the inspiration of several projects, and expertise of the people on both of those sites and several others around the web have lead me to this design and most of the component selection.

The exact process flow, component selection, and wiring of the box are completely unique to this project and were created by me. I invite everyone reading this to follow the links below to get more information and copy any or all of this design. It works great for me and I hope it will work great for you!

Reddit thread:

Huge E-HERMS build, 3 keggles, control panel, stir plate, ferm controller, 61 pictures.. I’m sure there will be questions so fire away! from Homebrewing

Homebrew Talk Thread:

Imgur Gallery:

E-HERMS Brewing System

Reddit Wiring Diagram Thread:

E-HERMS Wiring Diagram, Custom 3 PID Control, Mash and HLT Control, follow up to previous post. from Homebrewing

Wiring Diagram:

View post on imgur.com


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