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FatBoy Freeze Pops Cream Pops: Root Beer Float, Orange Cream, Tiger’s Blood & Cotton Candy Review

This is a taste test/review of the FatBoy Freeze Pops Cream Pops in four flavors including Root Beer Float, Orange Cream, Tiger’s Blood and Cotton Candy. They were $2.98 each at Walmart.
* The Root Beer Float & Orange Cream are 110 calories each.
* The Tiger’s Blood & Cotton Candy are 100 calories each.

Music Credit: “Fearless First” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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  1. These ice lolly' s look amazing! This is how they come in the UK. X

  2. That tigers blood flavor is usually used for snow cones or shaved ice.

  3. Growing up we'd go visit my Grandpa in Utah and he'd ALWAYS have Fat Boy ice cream sandwiches in his freezer. They're soooo good. I am glad they're making their way out of Utah! 🙂

  4. Tay Taylor-Bartley

    They make tiger blood flavor in sno cones here. Never had it tho. I can't wait to find these!

  5. tigers blood is a flavoring for shaved ice when you get them at the trucks some places they are snow cones

  6. Loved those Flintstones push pops

  7. Valerie Magdaleno

    What do you guys do with the pops you guys review? Do you put them back in the freezer for later or have to throw them away?

  8. Alec Carruthers

    I think Tiger's blood is most commonly seen as an alcoholic drink.

  9. pittsteelers001

    Pushups, Screwballs, Snow Cones, Polar cup frozen lemonade ahhh the 80's.

  10. I'd definatly get cotton candy, but they all look delicious!! Hope to see them around 🙂 The texture looks unique too.

  11. I’m probably the only one that notices this, being a graphic designer and all…but the way they styled the type of the flavors reminds me of icee!! Like how they are in individual rectangles, have them slightly higher and slightly lower, and then the 2 colors switch. Tell me I’m not crazy

  12. I almost bought the cotton candy one the other day!! That is one of my favorite flavorings for things…I had to pry myself away from those freezer doors because I didn’t need it😭😂

  13. I was just thinking for some reason that these kinds of Calippo (Same idea we get in the UK) are 100 Calories each just today before I even knew you'd uploaded this

  14. Yum.. I would love all of these flavours!

  15. godschild60071

    I Remember… These were my favorite growing up as a kid 😋

  16. I live in logan ut and richmond is just a 20 minute drive depending on traffic. they also sell Fat boy ice cream sandwiches and casco's which are a nutty chocolate covered ice cream on a stick. they do creamies too. so if you ever make it out to utah you should try them. 🙂 I know the owners.

  17. my local sweet shop offers has homemade ice balls and offers tiger blood syrup as one of the flavor option,I have never had the flavor, but they said it taste like fruit punch.

  18. I live in Georgia and the ice trucks that drive around town do have tigers blood flavor. 🙂

  19. Michele Macchiarole

    I hope our Walmart gets those soon!!

  20. I really hope he get those at the Walmart up here in Alaska those sounds so good

  21. I haven't seen these freeze pops yet, but I'd love to try them! They look irresistible!

  22. Tami, these look good ! I will definitely look for these at Walmart. Thanks for introducing all these wonderful new products.

  23. Nandy nandyfre

    do you think the cotton candy freeze pop is better than the great vaule cotton candy

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