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Four Beer Hacks

Here are the recipes:


1 Bottle Corona
1 oz. (30ml) Vodka
1/2 oz. (15ml) Grenadine
Lime Wedge

1. Drink corona a little past the neck and pour in vodka and grenadine.
2. Add a slice of lime to neck of bottle and place thumb over opening. Flip once to combine. Enjoy responsibly!

1 Can Mexican Beer
Lime Juice
Worcestershire Sauce

1. Rum rim of can in lime juice and roll in tajin.
2. Open can and take a sip before adding a dash or two of tobacco and worcestershire directly into can. Enjoy responsibly!

1 Modelo Tall Boy
1 oz. (30ml) Tequila

1. Lime the rim of can and dip into salt.
2. Open can and take a sip before squeezing lime juice and tequila inside. Enjoy responsibly!

1 Bottle Budweiser
1 oz. (30ml) Amaro

1. Pop Budweiser and take a few sips.
2. Pour in Amaro, cover opening with thumb and flip once to combine. Enjoy responsibly!

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  1. Everything looks so big in her Hands

  2. I alway drink colors light with salt lol taste good

  3. raymundo rodriguez

    Beer and vodka?? You wanna kill me?

  4. Can you do some of these for Stella Artois and Shiner?

  5. Can you do some of these for Stella Artois and shiner?

  6. You're not partying unless you're tipsy ! Use that !!

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  8. Ye sab saman india delhi me kaha milega bhai

  9. Make another party punch

  10. Disgusting. Only Americans could drink this crap

  11. That one was actually usefull and interesting

  12. TheSurvivalGuysTv

    Best Beerhack is to get the bottle never empty but drink it ✔️

  13. So stupid

  14. Make a 2nd channel where you bang all these 10s you bring on your show

  15. Tropo Chico drinks……………….

  16. How do you make clear ice cubes?


  18. Ballast point

  19. sky try a loaded corona. drink the neck add a shot of tequila and a shot of grenadine (optional)

  20. Vodka in a red Corona ? Thought you was suppose to put tequila

  21. erick hernandez morales

    3 of those beers are Mexicans 🇲🇽

  22. Uhm instead of a Red Beer… You could do a green one? With some Modori liquor? St Patricks some?

  23. Oattsu Sleep Eyes

    What's her name she's cute😀

  24. Hey bro you need to think of a drink that's beer and blue curacao I'd love to try that and be a badass combo

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    Thats not how you make a michelada!!! 😂😂👎

  26. Beer is like a piss, if you are a REAL men you will drink serbian rakija , sljivovica. "Rakia-connection people"

  27. Wth!? 🍺 🍻❓‼️⁉️

  28. Hack 6:
    Step 1: Buy any German beer
    Step 2: Enjoy
    Step 3: Keep the piss. Free Budweiser

  29. Pinches gringos locos… that's disgusting!

  30. Daniel Andrew DeMott

    Well, these four beer hacks are a horrible rape of the German "Reinheitsgebot" 😀

  31. I've tried to add liquor to beer before….not a good combo unless you want a killer hangover in the morning lol. But hey, you get drunk super quick tho!

  32. Hack 5:
    Step 1: Buy any German beer (excluding Warsteiner)
    Step 2: Enjoy actual beer

  33. If you drink modelo and corona out of a can you need to cut your tongue off

  34. Lauren Washington

    Where can I Buy your Tipsy Shirts

  35. HAHA. I Russia we have beer called Baltika №9. If you are looking to get people stoned, well it is all Ready Packed 🙂

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    2nd and 3rd love it tecate and modelo 👌😋😋😋😋

  38. Sky drunk af at the end totally teamed the girls on set

  39. How about a Jamaican favorite; shot Hennessey in a Heineken.

  40. can someone tell me why someone would light beer and what a light beer is

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