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Back on a food kick you guys! I have talked about many foods that were new to me in Germany but here are some foods that I did not think I would like….

Between beer, pretzels and meat. There are so many different foods/beverages that I have had a change of heart about. I like to think I have matured in so many ways, tastebuds included 😀 Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good bienenstich BUT I would enjoy an American cupcake any day.

Please forgive my American sweet tooth…I know a bienenstich isn’t healthy :p

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love yall

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  1. Thanks for the love you guys! I know my tastebuds were shocked when I came to Germany but now they are back to normal and I know what real sugar taste like :p The best way to help me is by sharing the video… Plus I will give you a virtual kiss <3 MUAH

  2. Andy Koenigsdorf

    Hi Haley, don't want to ruin your excitement for Sauerbraten but did you know what kind of meat it is made of?

    It's horse, not kidding.
    In my hometown (Recklinghausen, near Dortmund) there is a butcher who only processes horse meat. When I was a little kid my dad would get some slices of Sauerbraten from there for special occasions since it was a special treat. I was excited every time and couldn't wait for it to be served. When I was at age 13 or so I accompanied my dad to get some and then I found out. That day I ate it with disgust (mit langen Zähnen) and then never again. For me horses are such beautiful creatures, so elegant with deep eyes looking right into your soul… I can't… I cannot… never ever again.
    I don't judge, every single person should do or eat what he likes. It's just my story why I don't eat Sauerbraten any more. 😊

  3. Almost pissed my pants laughing hard at "Oma haben wir noch Curry King?"

  4. If you like sweet german stuff, you should come to Hamburg and try "Franzbrötchen" ^^ (well and other things here :D)

    And again I am glad, that I recently found this channel. Very entertaining.

  5. LaurinchenEliannah

    I think everyone has a slightly different filling for the Bienenstich but I know it with sort of a Vanille-Pudding-Creme inside:)

  6. Regarding currywurst: There are more half-a-dozen recipes for it, ranging from bland to awesome.

  7. @6:10 They just use salad mayonaise for it. That is a different taste. It is lighter and more lemony.

  8. Bienenstich: Kuchen, Pudding, Kuchen, Mandeln mit Honig

  9. Just came back from Kiez…(Reeperbahn)…currywurst is life….Did you travel to Hamburg?

  10. Ich finde Bienenstich schon extrem süß! Dann müssen die Sachen in den USA ja richtig Karies verursachen!

  11. Jaaaaa…. Bienenstich!!!!!! Yummie
    Und Currywurst sowieso 😀

  12. Als wir in den USA waren war uns nicht bewusst dass wirklich in jedem Drink Eis gekippt wird. Somit hatten wir für ein paar Tage immer Chlor- Cola etc. da das Leitungswasser ja auch nach Chlor schmeckt. Ist das immer noch so? Seitdem bestelle ich so gar in Deutschland " ohne Eis 😂.

  13. Ricardo Kakáresma

    Käsespätzle or Spätzle in general ? Spätzle are life <3

  14. Ricardo Kakáresma

    Why americans always think that currywurst is eaten with ketchup and curry powder. Its a sauce that tastes a bit spicy and you put curry powder over it. I dont think there even is ketchup in there. If I would have to eat a sausage with ketchup and curry powder I would also think its gonna taste disgusting.

  15. bienenstich <3

  16. Have you ever taste a fresh warm Butterkuchen (buttercake). It´s better than cream cake.
    Germany is not only sussage and Sauerkraut. Germany has so many regional special meals.
    Hey Haley, why are you leaving Germany?

  17. The "german" mayonaise you mentioned is called Remulade

  18. If you ever get to Frankonia, get Schäufele! The best of the best.

  19. Did you move back to Florida or just visiting?

  20. as a german currently living in the states I'm having enough of all the sugar even in bread or mashed potatoes I mean come on or colored cauliflower 😀

  21. Ich warte auf die Videos mit Deiner Oma! 🙂

  22. Freddy2TakeOff

    11:25 "I dont know exactly, what [the Bienenstich ] is …"

    => …, so let me explain you:

    Bienenstich (means bee sting cake ) is a traditional German dessert made of a sweet yeast dough with a baked-on topping of caramelized almonds and filled with a vanilla custard, Buttercream or cream.

    The cake may have earned its name from its honey topping: according to one legend, a bee was attracted to it, and the baker who invented the cake was stung.

    And because, I know that for sure some people – especially of the well-known sweet states in the US – would like to know, how it'll taste, I browsed about through YT and found THAT recipe for you 🍰:



  23. Freddy2TakeOff

    7:57 "When I say it, because someone say it was Leberkaese , I thought, it were a lever-cheese …"

    => The point is that it's popularly referred to as Leberkäse, but there's nor lever, neither cheese in it; the word Leber came originally from the word Laib which means loaf (but over the decades and with all kinds of linguistic accents over several decades it's been misspelled as Leber / lever.
    On the other side (of the word) stands Kaese , which also got misspelled over the decades from Kasten (= bin ) – means: the kitchen form this finely chopped and then ground meat – has been literally baked in such a bin.

    At the end, you got a loaf-bin of baked meat – centuries ago, this Laibkasten, which has been called Laibkast in many regions (and which became first Lebkast and later misspelled as Leberkäse, because one day literally nobody couldn't remember what the original word was) has been the last solution to eat any type of meat, you had in the pantry at a time refrigerators and freezers didn't exist yet, while cooking was often the only opportunity to retain potential food from spoilage.

  24. Ninja_Storm_Nerd

    Hey, Hayley! :3 Hast du schon einmal Kassler probiert? Es ist Schweinefleisch, was oft mit Sauerkraut und Kartoffeln gegessen wird. Ansonsten wollte ich noch sagen: I love talking about food as well! There are so many delicious food! Yeah! Hab' noch einen sehr schönen Tag! 😀

  25. Giotto Ferrero

    you should go to frankfurt, there is a curry wurst place with the spiciest currywurst. and it has a chart like buffulo wild wings.

  26. i'm german but sauerkraut and leberkäs really gross me out for some reason but i think i will try it now because of your video!

  27. Quotenwagnerianer

    "My tastebuds have matured". No Haley, just like every person when they get older enough of your tastebuds have died for you to start liking foods that you would have hated as a child. 😉
    Children have much more sensitive tastebuds, that is why they are so picky with foods.

  28. I love potatoe salad with sausage, peas, pickles and mayonese. It is the way we do it in my family.

  29. Henrik Niehaus

    Having a Currywurst at 4 o'clock in the morning after a bunch of beers is the maximum immersion in German night life 😉

  30. Der Reparatur Service Spopo

    That Video makes me so hungry
    I miss my Currywurst

  31. Tell me the secret of your white teeth… PLEASE! :O

  32. i knew u where back to the US the moment I saw the round door knob in the background 😀

  33. Dear Hayley, thanks for this funny video!! It's so sweet how you describe your impressions with our German/Bavarian food ! So nice to hear your point of view on things/food that are so normal and "alltäglich" to us….🤗👍😊 enjoy your time in sunny Florida and enjoy the sun and the yummy stuff (e.g. ice cream, burgers, steaks, etc) you have over there (and may I say are so much yummier than here…😉)

  34. Etzerdlas Gaudistuben

    A weng a guate Brezn Gaudi.
    Aber was is 1 AntiAnts Brezn?

  35. Etzerdlas Gaudistuben

    Machst du auch amoi a weng 1 Video über deutsche Häuser? Die viel stabiler und besser gebaut san als de amerikanischen Holzhütten.

  36. Reiner Schalker

    most people of the world do not speak engglish..you know!

  37. Etzerdlas Gaudistuben

    Bist du in deiner Zeit in Bayern edzala nie über die Grenze ins wunderschöne Österreich a weng gefahren?

  38. Toll jetzt hab ich Hunger… Nachts um 12

  39. Reiner Schalker

    NOT Pretzel… a soft b……Bretzel… you ignorant amis )

  40. Reiner Schalker

    Pertzzelssss…what the fuck is it , a klischee???? it is nothing going to speak in germaqny, all germans wiil yelling ))

  41. Reiner Schalker

    Die beste Currywurst ist auf Kohle geboren, oder? ))))

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