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Giant Gummy Hulk Feet VS Gross Real Food Sour Candy Challenge – Sister VS Brother Edition

Hi friends:)
You have been leaving me comments for me and my brother to do the real food vs gummy food candy challenge so here is a super cool fun video for you,we had some giant gummy hulk feet and gummy beer and as always gross food:) Giant Candy Chocolate??

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  1. ?? Me and my brother loved this fun gummy food vs real food video ??
    Thanks for all your love and support,you are the best love Tiana
    My Instagram??
    ▶︎ https://www.instagram.com/toys_andme/

  2. Hi Tiana I'm Drew

  3. Cimpian Karina Alexandra

    Go 5.000.000

  4. Your brother is so hot

  5. that look like beer

  6. i am also 10

  7. my name is tiana

  8. What if Tiana got the ?? beer what would she do ???

  9. que mal yo ablo el español

  10. Pamela Martinez

    que exagerada es la niña de color neta

  11. Kornkamon Pinkaew


  12. PanicAtTheDiscoIsLife PoppyIsMyReligion

    was that real beer????

  13. Jazzlin Honeycutt

    U & ur brother are cute together!

  14. Lorena Hernandez


  15. No se trata haci la comida sabes

  16. hi tiana i like your all videos

  17. Antonia Astudillo


  18. Summer Lemarechal

    i love pot noodles

  19. iiiiii love

  20. jacob strachan


  21. The first was fund so much ?????????????????????????????????????????????

  22. jacob strachan


  23. wi Film Jahre

  24. Loulanzy Galan

    who noticed the jelly on Jordan's t-shirt 10 likes

  25. was that beer ?. h

  26. ticher

  27. czlcp club TiVo

  28. Courtney Robinson-stark

    I love all your videos

  29. petite con

  30. nicole cataño cruz

    hvx jfgvv

  31. Zareah Whitelock

    years go dy

  32. everto fabricio


  33. i love you toys and me

  34. Emilija Stojanovic

    ju or a poop????????

  35. Emilija Stojanovic


  36. LOOK IS ME ?

  37. anna is the QUIIN BPF

    the dad of tiana have a lot of tatoos

  38. Camila Montero

    Hi Tana can you follow me some one just put in my channel that I was a Dope can you just make me happy

  39. 2wpwpwpwp e pqpspqpzp1pzp și nu am avut un rvbdfhdn v uri urne quartet. qwertyuiop. Astfel. zicând

  40. wow jordan really couldnt eat that carrot lol

  41. tianas favourite word is YAY

  42. how old is your brother?

  43. ju are best Tiana<3 am fan:)

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