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Ginger Bug – The Happy Pear – Fermented Gingerade

Here’s part one of our fermentation series. We’re teaming up with the amazing April Danann to make a delicious Ginger Bug and some fermented ginger lemonade. Fermented food are a lost food group, they’re such a great and CHEAP way to fill your gut with healthy bacteria. It’s a homemade magic potion.

All the best,
Dave & Steve.

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  1. Ignorance…, you can use natural fruits to sweeten instead of sugar
    Sugar also feeds cancers

  2. Vahe Meliksetian

    🙂 :I 🙂

  3. How is yeast or sugar good I'm diabetic and I got candida

  4. can we do the same procedure using turmeric?

  5. Happy pear, I like watching this video how persevere ginger outing
    Brown sugar and water

  6. Stephanie Lange

    This looks so delicious! Going to try and make it this week!

  7. 👍😍I love ginger. I found this video about a year ago & started making it. I love it & have shared it with other people because it’s so easy. Thanks for sharing your knowledge & know how. 💞

  8. Nichola Sherlock

    I am so going to make this!! Wouldn’t have thought about leaving it outside first .. hope the buggies don’t get in!

  9. Do you wash the ginger

  10. I would not use white sugar there is crushed animal bones in man. As an anti-caking agent and I don't know how many people actually are aware of this but anybody who is living a an animal cruelty lifestyle and also knows the dangers of consuming any animal by-products would definitely want to know that I'd much rather have nutritional sugar in there then I would non-nutritional I would use maple syrup organic coconut sugar I wouldn't really mess with agave I would also use aloe juice instead of all water because that would be really beneficial and rather than grading Ginger and putting down in there I would have used a couple tablespoons of the ginger bug which would have already kicked up an advanced the fermentation process which would have taken a lot less time it's like saving your mother and we're making rejuvelac and adding some to it which by the way wouldn't be a bad idea after it's already fermented adding some beneficial pre sprouted dehydrated grains so that the nutritional value could be incorporated I don't know why anyone would choose a sweetener that was anti nutritive particularly one nut includes dangerous ingredients because if you don't think the animal bones are animal products aren't dangerous and you are seriously mistaken

    One last thing dear sister remember the Creed
    h.Arm n.0ne

  11. Ah, 2 lemons, a good handful of of grated ginger, 5-6 Tb white sugar, add 3/4 of the ginger bug and top off with clean water.Stir, put the lid on and let sit for 3-7 days. When it has the taste that you like strain and discard the lemon/ginger pieces and enjoy.

  12. How many lemons?

  13. Michael McKenzie

    Something I've not seen mentioned here is that since this is a fermentation, don't you risk explosion by not burping it at least daily or by using a lid with a fermentation lock?

  14. Making this right now! Day 1, it's nice and bubbly 😊

  15. Help!!
    I have ginger (finger grated) garlic (crushed about 4 bulbs )cinnamon slice of lemon and some black seeds nigella in 500g sidr honey in mason jar. It's really strong and dark. It's been about a week. Is it safe? How long will it last? Should I add more honey? What should I look for if it's unsafe?
    Or should I just get rid of it?
    Please advise! !!!!!

  16. Making Ginger Bug for the first time! Can’t wait!

  17. Can I use something other than sugar?

  18. So I just leave the ginger bug open ? How do you make sure no bugs or anything gets inside ?

  19. Safiya siddiqui

    Thank you..can I have it..as I am diabetic

  20. Staffan Dalberg

    is this alcoholic?

  21. Is there ever an issue with the fizz exploding or spilling over the sealed jar?

  22. One of the best videos you've ever done! The instructions are easy and well explained – I love the knowledgeable lady there laying out all the facts for you and I'll be checking her out for sure 🙂 Very informational video 🙂 Thanks!

  23. What? This video makes 0 sense. She's talking about feeding sugar to yeast for lactic acid fermentation. That's not how it works at all.

    Yeast feed on sugar and produce ethanol and CO2, not lactic acid.

    Lactic acid fermentation is BACTERIAL. Lactobacillus species such as L. acidophillus in the case of yogurt or L. plantarum, etc. when lactofermenting veggies, etc.

    You don't need to add sugar for lactic acid fermentation.

    Look at kiszona kapusta/sauerkraut for example, or one of my favorites that I make on a daily basis: kisiel owsiany fermentowany/Овсяный кисель Изотова/fermented oat kissel.

    With kisiel owsiany you only need oats and water because you don't ferment for a very long time. With kiszona kapusta/sauekraut you add salt to inhibit other bacteria and ferment for longer times.

  24. Plant-Based Experiment

    Idk if she knows it's not yeast but the bacteria. And a starter isn't called a mother. A mother is a Scoby. And the white sugar is bullshit, you swapped out a sugar with nutrients for bleach

  25. okay question. is the ginger bug supposed to taste like a bitter beer? i mean, it's not exactly tangy I don't think… it's very much like beer and super super bubbly. It overflowed when I took the lid off. I am wondering if it fermented too much.

  26. It's been about 2 weeks since I started my ginger bug. I keep it on top of the water heater in the closet since it's fairly cool in teh house. OMG, it got soo bubbly as if it were soda. Also, it totally taste like beer and has that warm alcohol feeling when I drink it. I take 6 tablespoons from it every day, and feed it more sugar each day, so I think it developed quite fast. I think it's really cool now bubbly and beer-ish it is.

  27. TimeforaChange InGovernment

    Do you place new ginger into bug jar, to replace ginger possibly poured off into lemon mixture, or just water & sugar?

  28. Serena Baptist

    Love it! How long can I reuse the ginger bug before I change the ginger in it? And when I do, do I just transfer some ginger bug water to a fresh jar of ginger and feed?

  29. I put the ginger bug pour off in my daily smoothie bowl.

  30. David Chambers

    3:07 what is she talking about? She doesn't have a clue, "training it"? with water? ummm… can anyone decode this hippie BS into a scientific (i.e. logical) explanation, or is this just total bull?

  31. What a wonderful White Witch she is!

  32. Space Unicorn9

    I love the way the brown sugar looks.

  33. Anyone have a link to April Danann stuff ? be nice to only hear her without interruption

  34. I made the Ginger bug and then the Gingerade. I need a bit of advice- my Gingeraid had a layer of Mold on the top. I left the lemons and the ginger in the jug. Please advise! Happy Fermenting :]

  35. Rachael Potter

    How long can you keep re-using your ginger bug for?

  36. Good one!

  37. seanparnelleverett

    Any tips or trickson making it alcoholic… 4-8% ?….check out river cottages recipie

  38. Kathleen Gustafson

    Love fermenting! Thanks!

  39. JennsLittleHomestead

    I imagine this would also be good for nausea, stomach bugs, and treating sore throats.

  40. Hello  Question can you use coconut sugar for the ginger bug instead of brown sugar??? Thanks

  41. Michael Kukula

    If I add a couple tablespoons of beer to my bug, will the yeast from the beer make my bug more alcoholic?

  42. Yummy very good and refreshing.

  43. Elaine Lovejoy

    Yaaaaaa, I'm glad, thanks!

  44. Elaine Lovejoy

    This sounds like a really healthy drink. Does it have alcohol tho?

  45. Fennec Besixdouze

    My bug is already bubbling pretty vigorously after one day, think I'll try to make a half batch of ginger ale/lemonade with the first quarter cup I pour off. At the worst, it will be interesting if this idea of "training" the growth of the wild yeast has anything to it. If it does, I expect this first-pour batch to be a bit sour/off.

  46. I made my first Ginger Bug yesterday about 4 PM.  I got up at 6 AM this morning and it's already bubbling!  Maybe it's because I have a lot of yeast floating around as I have made a number of batches of Mead (honey wine) and also have 2 big batches of Kombucha brewing in the kitchen?

  47. A reminder for new vegans that most white and brown sugar isn't vegan, so look for vegan sugar. I use raw sugar or turbinado.

  48. Todd Schroeder

    Great video thank you!

  49. My ginger bug is nice and bubbly now 🙂 have done it last year too, but a slightly different method by adding freshly grated ginger, sugar & water daily. This method is so much easier, thanks guys!

  50. This white witch has a new fan! Thank you for the awesome video, heading out to find some ginger now!

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