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Glass Bottle Beer Filling and Packing Line

Taiwan Founded Enterprise

Hello, Sir

This is John from Taiwan Hong Guan Machinery Co.,Ltd . Taiwan Hong Guan Group is founded in Taiwan, manufacturing factory is located in a national level development zone – Zhangjiagang Economic & Technology Development Zone, covering an area of 8,800 square meters which can do liquid processing, filling and packing turn-key solutions, like water, cola, spite, juice, milk, cosmetics, sauce, oil etc.

specialized in beverage processing, filling and down-stream packing solutions, for PET、PP、PE、POP Can、Glass Bottle、Gallon etc.

We are a joint venture factory, combined with Taiwan advanced technology and working processing and Chinese labor and hardworking.

We have:The wide range of liquid packaging plant machinery。

Machinery for the most comprehensive scope of

processes in connection with liquid。

Worldwide presence。

20+ years of global market experience。

Various range of possible end products, etc…

We are a reliable international company to make beverage processing, filling and packing machines.

Our goal is In the most familiar field, with the most familiar technology, do the most familiar products.

If you have any interests, Pls feel free to contact with us. Thanks!


John Chen

Taiwan Hong Guan Machinery Co.,Ltd


Email: vatmjohn@gmail.com


Skype: johnchenboss

WeChat APP ID:tw0912761778

LINE ID:tw0912761778


Our Video Website

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Glass Bottle Beer Filling Packing Line


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