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Golden Ale – Two Birds Brewing – Beer O’Clock with Slosh & Buuz #3

Beer O’Clock with Slosh & Buuz – Golden Ale – Two Birds Brewing

Welcome to our brand new weekly series … Beer O’Clock with Slosh & Buuz … which is going to be coming out every Sunday afternoon … and is 50% a reason for me and my old friend Buuz to hang out and drink beer once a month and 50% to share some strange and random beers that we find over the month … we will be trying beer we KNOW we won’t like … beers we think we might like … or anything that has a strange or interesting name … Please do leave any comments or suggestions down below on what YOU guys would like to see us cover in this series … what you would like to hear us cover on the beer … if you want more background information on the brewers … that kind of thing!

You can find Two Birds Brewing here – http://www.twobirdsbrewing.com.au/

A great golden colour … a great refreshing taste … just that hint of honey … a subtle flavour that is absolutely awesome on a hot day … this was my favourite beer of the day … I can’t say enough good things about it actually … a great refreshing tasty beverage!

I still can’t work out what I was trying to say about the label … My brain knows what I wanted to say but I still can’t remember!

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