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Homebrew Wheat Beer Brewing Day With Berny

Hello mates, this is a all grain brew process without any extracts.

Brewing beer is no secret !

In this video I am showing you how to brew your own wheat beer after the German purity law from 1516 with only 4 ingredients which are water, grain, yeast and hops.

Personally I do not want to add any fancy stuff into my beer ! If I want that I go to the Liquor store, lol 🙂

This is a all grain brew process without any extracts.

A brewing day easily can take a whole day !

I started around lunch time Feb. 13 and finished next day.

Please consider, I am not a pro and this is my 4th brewing day only.

However, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. I apologise in case I was wrong with any process explanations. Sorry for all the blurry parts but I have filmed with my Canon 600 D…..

If you need any more detailed information, please Google, there are millions of information such as recipes, mashing, lautering, equipment, fermentation, yeast, hops and so on.

You dont need much to invest to start to brew your own beer !

At this stage I want to thank Mike from “Monktrump” very much for giving me his permission to use his song “Freak Show” on my video.

Please visit https://www.youtube.com/user/Monktrump for more good music from him !

So, here is the recipe I have used for the wheat beer

20 Liter of Wheat Beer

15 Liter start – Adding 5 Liter later on

2.5 kg Wheat Malt
1.5 kg Pilsener Malt
0.5 kg Munich Malt
0.5 kg Cara Hell

Hops: Spalt Select USA 2015 4.5% Acid
Yeast: Safbrew WB-06

Mash in all the grain at 47 Degrees Celcius
First sugar rest at 42 D.C. – 20 min.
Second sugar rest at 63 D.C – 30 min.
Maltoserast at 72 D.C. – 30 min.

Lautering at 78 D.C.

Hop boiling: 70 minutes (use a small sack, put the hops inside and boil all together).

12.06 grams 10 min. after start of boiling
5.97 grams 10 min. before end


Bitter Unit x Liter x 10 (For wheat beer)
Alpha % x 25

In my case it was 17.77 grams to use for 20 Liter

Then I just calculate 90% hops and 10%

After hop boiling and another filter process, let cool down the wort to around 20 D.C. and add the yeast with a lot of air inside, swirling.

From that time you absolutely have to work hygiene and sterile.

What ever gets in touch with the 20 D.C. warm wort, can be infected.

So desinfect clean mugs, paddles, thermometer, hydrometer ect.

Fermenting at 18 to 22 D.C

Storage A: 1 week at room temperature
Storage B: 1 or weeks colder temperatures

Drinkable normally after 2 weeks storage – Enjoy !!!!!!

Here are some data for the bitterness of your beer which is called IBU:

BEER – Bitterness in IBU (International Bittering Units)

Altbier 25 – 40 (partly until 60)
Pils 25 – 45 (partly until 50)
Märzen 20 – 25
Wheat Beer – 10 – 20
Kölsch 15 – 35
Märzen 20 – 25
Berliner Weiße – 4 – 6
Bock (hell) – 10 – 40
Doppelbock (hell) – 15 – 35
Lager 5 – 25
Export 20 – 30
Dunkle Starkbiere – 25 – 30
Irish Stouts – 35 – 65
Czech Budweiser – 30


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