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Homebrewing 101 – Beginners Guide to Brewing Beer

Welcome to homebrewing: hobby, obsession, way of life! Brewing beer is fun and easy; if you can make mac and cheese from a box without help, you can make beer, and we’re going to show you how.

For a full Step by Step Click http://beta.northernbrewer.com/learn/homebrewing-101/ View all the great products and community at Northern Brewer America’s #1 Homebrew Supplier.

http://www.northernbrewer.com View all the great products and community at Northern Brewer America’s #1 Homebrew Supplier.


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  1. God, Comics, and Gaming

    after watching everything, it looks nothing like making mac and cheese for me LOL there's a lot of steps

  2. After you put the wort into the primary. Did you use purified water? Or just straight from the tap. I've always used bottled water.

  3. pure plastic , BPA and cancer use fucking glass

  4. Hi ….we don't get STAR SAN here in India. I was recommended Iodine solution 1 Tea Spoon in 1 Litre of water. Any clue if that works? What other generic sanitiser can one use? I've seen some videos using VODKA also!!

  5. Great 101 video for Extract kits!

  6. these starter kits are ridiculous

  7. My only Concern with the process is that it seemed like he got alot of sanitizer in the beer. Wont that make it taste different and is that safe? Im not sure so thats why im asking.

  8. Great video – really well thought out, cheers

  9. in terms of cost of ingredients, how much is the cost per bottle of beer? thanks

  10. Jeez, could you just tell me the way to the liquor store?

  11. Another marketer convincing the clueless that brewing is easy as making mac and cheese. I guess brewing beer can be as easy as making mac and cheese, especially since Bakers Malt is used to produce the liquid. Yup, before a marketer established the home brew/craft brew world in 1978, Brewers Malt Extract found in an HBS after 1978 was known as Bakers Malt Extract before 1978. In 1978 the label was changed from Bakers Malt to Brewers Malt Extract and the price increased 5 fold in the HBS. The malt extract found in the baking section in a market was priced at one dollar a can. In the HBS the price was five dollars a can. Malt syrup is the by-product of malt testing. The single method is used to test malt and the liquid drawn from testing is reduced to syrup. Any one in their right mind would not turn prime malt into syrup, unless there was a reason behind it. Ole' Charlie knew what he was doing.

  12. Awesome video, I ordered a beginner kit and it came with very poor instructions. This video saved my first batch and helped me get an understanding of the process and my equipment.

  13. Tomás Gajardo Rivera (TomachoGajardo)

    Why is one able to not rinse the sanitizing solution?

  14. Lt Colonel Nikolai Petrovich Radchenko

    i cant wait 2 weeks im thirsty NOW ! lol

  15. hello out there I could really use some helpful advice it's been about 2 years since I had any beer this here recently and I have started making beer again so I need a little help what is the persimmon toxins that is in your water how do I work on that of making sure my tap water has very little lime or rust in it any ideas or should I just go ahead and use distilled water from the local Dollar Store would that be working on the right steps to Brewing the best beer I use distilled water to make the mr. Beer kit Wort work for me I hope it turns out good I am making two gallons of hard cider in a wheat beer I use my old East batch I took in frozen in the freezer from the last Shock Top or blue moon as you call it took the remaining East out of my last bet put it in a freezer bag and froze it for the last 2 years ego and took it out and it smells great I added it into my big 5-gallon Carboy glass and hope it will make some really good beer was I supposed to add additional yeast to the old East will it be fine this is what I'm wondering about these two questions anyone out there can please get back to me very obliged to listen on any expertise that I can get email me @DannyJrentals29@gmail.comThank you

  16. Remon van den Berg

    why does he at 11:20 say that oxygen is needed for fermentation, when normal fermentation is without oxygen?

  17. james butterworth

    incredible video thanks,i"ii give it a try.see you soon

  18. A friend sent me this video who is interested in starting to brew. I have to say, this is a pretty decent video for beginners!

  19. So, is it cheaper this way or the beer is better tasting than buying it at the store?

  20. Christopher Haist

    I have a stupid question. after cooling the wort, you go to all of that trouble to maintain sanitary conditions, but then you top off your fermenter with tap water? isn't that a potential source of pathogens? or is it sanitary enough that it can be assumed to be safe to add right in? I have been doing full volume boils, but if I get a bigger fermenter I would like to do reduced volume boils with top offs. I just don't want to risk a batch using filtered tap water if it isn't really sanitary. Thanks in advance.

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