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Homebrewing Basics: Kegging

Part of a Homebrewing Basics video series, this particular video covers how to keg your beer and pour your first beer out of the tap.

Cornelius Keg: http://amzn.to/2ot779p
Kegerator: http://amzn.to/2otcyFh

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  1. Hey Larry,

      I just tasted my first batch and it came out phenomenal.  Everyone loved it.  Your American IPA is a fantastic recipe.  I was skeptical about the orange peel because the Samual Adams summer brew doesn't go well with the citrus since its an amber beer, but it works great in yours.  Thanks a trillion Larry!  I couldn't have done it without your great videos.  I suffered a brain injury in the military and your visual aids were spot on even with my memory disability.  BTW, thanks for the precision advice.  My second batch was an efficiency of 81%.  It's not hard, just takes time to do all grain brewing.    I'm going to do two more batches using your recipe.  Over the summer, I hope to create something of my own.  I'll keep in touch.  Thanks again!

  2. that is a great looking beer awesome job man

  3. informative but you didnt talk about setting PSI for carbonating and then bleeding and dropping it for serving pressure which is a vital step in the keg process otherwise you will have a volcano coming out of the tap

  4. Very Nice, Thank you!

  5. why not connect the end of the siphon to the liquid out post. this way you expose less of the beer to oxygen.

  6. Robert Stutzman

    Fan of the video's. What do you set pressure at to carb to a typical 2.5ish vol co2 beer? I'm on my third batch of keg carbed beer and havn't nailed it yet. I either end up with a bucket of foam or a flat beer. Thanks!

  7. Darren McKinty

    Hey Larry, after a beer is legged and carbonated, could you pour it off and bottle it. For example, if you want to take some of your own beer to a party. I would be the life of the party if I showed up with a kegerator, but it's a little cumbersome.

  8. Sean Beardmore

    Great series Larry, thanks!

  9. Larry, I have a question, All of by brew's have been Ales and I kegged most of them however the batch I am fermenting right now is a Larger( by mistake,when I bought the kit it came with Larger yeast so I had to keep it at 54-59 degrees) and next week I plan on kegging it. I plan on adding 1/3 cup priming sugar to the keg and adding 5# Co2 to seal the lid and bleed the air out and let it sit for 2 weeks before putting the keg in the kegerator. I have done the quick carb thing but would rather wait and let the beer carb more naturally. Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks, Dale

  10. Hi Larry, thanks for sharing the videos, I m greateful. One query, what if we do not have the kegging tools at home, would you recommend any alternative method instead of kegging by using the same manufacturing procedure?

  11. Enjoyed the series of video, really well done! So what did the ABV turn out to be?

  12. donizete DeSouza

    What was the final alcohol content?

  13. "Brewing beer is worth it". Yes. Yes it is. The only thing that sucks about brewing is getting a craving for a certain beer and then having to wait 3-4 weeks for it to be ready. I read an article about a Polish style called Grodziskie, decided I needed to brew it, brewed it last weekend, and now it's just sitting in a carboy fermenting, when I wanted to try it last weekend.

  14. The moment we've all been waiting for! Great job!

  15. How do I bottle it? Poor it from the kegg and straight into the bottle?

  16. Most clear instructions I've seen so far. Can't wait to try it.

  17. Great video Larry. Enjoying all of your videos! Have you ever tried using the liquid out to carbonate (so the bubbles flow up through the beer) or do you just use the gas in? Cheers

  18. Hi Larry,

    I have a few questions.
    I am new to brewery and I am still learning how to do it.
    My questions are:
    – why some other brewers add sugar at some point of brewing?
    – the pill that you have added at the end of process for sterilization of wort, can I brew without it? what would be the appropriate replacement?

  19. David Gutierrez


  20. Larry, these videos are fantastic. Not the best video production, but the information you shared is excellent.

  21. Just wondering, what pressure do you set your keg to, how long do you let it sit, and do you wait for it to chill before putting it under pressure? I was hoping to find that in this video and unfortunately I didn't :/ if you could let me know that'd be great!

  22. Trey Lashbrook

    Hey Larry! I've watched all of your brewing videos and they have been very helpful. Could you maybe make a video on how you change the PSI and maybe a more detailed look at the carbonation of the beer? I find that my beer is either over-carbonated or not carbonated enough.

  23. Can you use nitrogen instead of CO2?

  24. What beer did you keg in the video Larry?

  25. wow, i think its time to do an all grain beer instead of the canned variety, which always tend to have that homebrewmy taste to it, many thanks Larry

  26. you are alright Larry! great series. E

  27. Just getting myself started in the home brewing and gonna jump straight to kegging. So thank's for putting up this series of videos!
    One quick question – you siphon the beer into the keg, but I'm assuming you need to disassemble and sanitize the keg first? Or just clean it up really good and that's enough?

  28. Excellent series Larry. Thanks for sharing all that information that it took you so long to acquire.

  29. Canal do Vinícius


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