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Homebrewing Basics – Part 4 – Brewing With Fruit

These videos show the basics of homebrewing. If you don’t know much about homebrewing and don’t want to read a book or do a bunch of math, watch these videos. It’s not rocket science. It’s just making beer.

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  1. Great video!! I'm adding some fruit to my beer for the first time and I'm just looking for some advice. I'm thinking of adding some apricots to my IPA during the secondary fermentation (1 week into 2nd F). And I'm wondering why you switched to a 3rd fermentor and what the benefits are. Just because my initial plan was to put my fruit in my 2nd fermentor and wait until the yeast broke it down and the airlock stopped bubbling and then bottle it.

  2. Hey Brian, great video. what brand carboy are you using?

  3. looking on using a puree for blueberry ale because whole blueberries came out tart when I did one before. would you recommend a third carboy when using a puree or is it thin enough not to have sediment?

  4. Love the video…
    Based on your experiences, how did fermentation effect the flavor of the fruit? Did it retain the natural sweetness/tartness. Also did you have any problems with bottle bombs from carbonation due to residual sugars? Really appreciate your advice!!!

  5. wont the cold from the fruit cause the yeast to hibernate?

  6. Yongky Handrian Koty

    Hi, great video ! did you smash the blueberries as well? and is the tertiary necessary? can i straight to bottle from the secondary? thanks !

  7. By sanitasing solution do you mean bleach diluted in water??

  8. Thanks for the tips! If using a whole fruit, like a pineapple, do you think I'd have to sanitize after peeling, crushing and freezing? Providing I sanitize everything prior to crushing, of course.

  9. great video. im moving a cream ale to secondary tomorrow and putting it on top of 3.5 pounds of Craisins. im hoping to kick off a nice little secondary fermentation with the extra sugars and boost the abv. i just hope it doesnt end up tasting like toilet bowl hooch. love the idea of purging in sanitized water before hand. brilliant

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