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Homemade Craft LEMON BEER recipe

At the great request of our friend Anna, today we prepare the homemade Lemon Beer,
Pay attention not to confuse with the Radler, this is a real craft beer refermented in a bottle flavored with lemon.
Try it and let me know ; )

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  1. Jenni Honkanen

    4:33 😀

  2. Awesome!👍🏼👍🏼

  3. Thank you, great effort.

  4. can i make beer without Hops ?

  5. Thanks for posting in English! I love this channel

  6. A very nice video Brother. Really liked it. How can we get some extra alcohol like 8%-10%??
    Do we need to add some more sugar to get higher alcohol percentage??
    Thanks brother 💐🙏 love from India.

  7. Wonderful!
    Can you please do a recipie for sweet port wine? I drank some once and it was sweet, crisp and light. It paired very well with some cake 🙂
    I would like to make some. Hope you do a recipie for it.

  8. Guirguis Youssef

    Amazing drink thank you very much my dear cuoredicioccolato for this video

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