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Homemade Root Beer with yeast RELOADED VIDEO

NOTE the first upload of this video had the audio corrupted about 2/3 of the way through, the video was recompiled to this version. This video shows a very easy method of making root beer at home in 2 liter bottles, simple recipe, 5 minutes to make, 2 or 3 days to process, then chill and serve.

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  2. Hey that pretty good

  3. Hodge Productions

    So I did the exact directions you did. I put 1 cup sugar, 1/4 teaspoon yeast, and 1 tablespoon root beer concentrate. so I did what you did, but when I added the water it turned kinda white. can you please help me out, im desperate for some homemade root beer.

  4. Check out my root beer!

  5. Thanks. I never know how much yeast should be added. I use glass, and I'm afraid of bottles exploding. Thanks for the tip.

  6. i tried it myself and i LOVE ROOTBEER it tasts AWSOME

  7. great video

  8. You have to make sure you 2 liter bottle is really clean. If it isn't the yeast can be affected by whatever is in the bottle. Also different types of yeast will give off different smells. Remember the CO2 is basically the fart of the yeast after it eats the sugar. different sugars and yeast will make different smells. try a different recipe with brown sugar. it works as well and gives the root beer a more caramelized flavor.

  9. Wilderness Innovation

    @tfrugia I don't normally have much of any pressure for a couple days, never any foul odor. There should be a slight yeast smell, kinda like fresh bread dough. If you follow the recipe all should be just fine. I usually go three or four days before refrigerating.

  10. I made this yesterday afternoon, and today there was a lot of pressure on the bottle, so I opened it. There was an immediate foul odor that came from the bottle just as I opened it. After a few seconds I smelled the mixture and it just smelled like root beer. Is the foul odor coming from the yeast/sugar reaction? Should I be concerned? I didn't sanitize the bottle but it was thoroughly rinsed.

  11. Wilderness Innovation

    @BigNate84 You are welcome, thanks for watching!!

  12. I'll have to try this out for myself. Thanks for making this video.

  13. Wilderness Innovation

    @BandFProduction Sorry I don't, you may have to experiment, or perhaps you can check on the internet, or a local brewer supply store.

  14. Wilderness Innovation

    @BandFProduction I assume it would, but the recipe is for root beer so I'm not sure if the right proportions are there for alcohol. There is a fraction of a percent in the root beer.

  15. Wilderness Innovation

    @mike19822058 Perhaps it could be the yeast, we've been using bread machine yeast without any problem. There will be a slight yeast taste, which is part of the flavor of this type of root beer, but it should not be overpowering. Most people have had success, but some have had problems related to yeast. You may just try a different kind, many have had success with brewers yeast obtained from a beer brewing supply store.

  16. Wilderness Innovation

    @Astroholic007 I don't know, I've been able to use it just fine…best to follow the recipe…

  17. Wilderness Innovation

    @asonoflove Great to hear that, enjoy!!

  18. Wanted to make sure I got back on here and say I made one that turned out great. Mine set three days and was shuper-foamy. Perfect.

  19. Wilderness Innovation

    @c3cool Thanks for asking, in making root beer we are interested in carbonation not alcohol so we are only letting it go long enough to get it carbonated, then stopping the process by refrigerating it. According to our good professor, the alcohol content is negligible, a small fraction of a percent.

  20. Curtis Obermeyer

    ok i am LDS (Mormon for the people that do not know ) and i would like to do this for a actively but i am worried about the alcohol content can anyone get me some info about that

  21. I think I foundthe problem: bread machine yeast. In the store I thought I had purposefully not gotten it, but Ijust checked and… There it is, bread machine.

  22. Wilderness Innovation

    @asonoflove I would suggest to start over, make sure you have good fresh yeast, proper sugar, mix well and let sit. When everything is right it will be sweet and after 3 -4 days ready to be chilled, it will have a nice ping to it as well.

  23. @wildernessinnovation nope, no sun. But where I live we had a sudden drastic increase in temperature and overnight I forgot to turn the A/C on and it got like 80 in the house. I opened the bottle and after a few sips I noticed 1) it wasn't nearly sweet enough and 2) it wasn't as carbonated as I thought it would be. I had started with 1 cup of sugar so I added some more, re-capped it, and let it set until it got hard again. It tastes good, and but is still not real fizzy. Odd?

  24. Wilderness Innovation

    @asonoflove you are not setting it in the sun are you? We've done hundreds of bottles this way, no problem. Double check how you are doing it Let me know

  25. Oddly, less than 24 hours and mine is hard as a rock. I put it in the fridge for fear that on another two days it would explode. I watched your video today to see if you had that problem…

  26. Wilderness Innovation

    @johnnyLikeVideo No the rootbeer has quite a bit of ping to it. If I leave it 4 days before chilling many say it's too pingy. 3 days seems to be the amount of fizz most people are used to.. Thanks

  27. In your taste test I saw there wasn't much of a "head" on it. Was your root beer flat at test time? I know that some root beers have more fizz than others but I don't know why.

  28. Wilderness Innovation

    @MrASDFSkyler Thank you for watching, we have used this I don't know how many times and love it.

  29. Awesome! Thanks for the tutorial.

  30. Wilderness Innovation

    @Jutisan It works great made lots of it this way as have many others. Yes the yeast creates carbon dioxide, that is the fizz. When you refrigerate after a few days, the yeast stops. Try it out it's great. Thanks for watching!!

  31. Wilderness Innovation

    @DanJeffery07 woops….to continue…and stopping the process at that point. Good luck!!

  32. Wilderness Innovation

    @DanJeffery07 Yes this is OK to drink, according to the professor, there is just a minuscule amount of alcohol, no more than may be in some things you may eat. We are just generating a little CO2 and stopping t

  33. Wilderness Innovation

    @TricityX Good go for it!!, be sure to note the written comments in the recipe…Let me know how it works!! Have a great day!!

  34. STILL one of my most favorite videos 😀 I'm going to try this one some time next week. Yay! Wish me luck!

  35. Hey great job! Cool video, keep rocking and rolling Perry.

  36. Cool I'm ganna try

  37. I´ll try it, thanks a million man !!!

  38. @bobbyyyyable I think its the vanilla that same thing happend to me…=l

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