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How to Brew Beer Cheap and Fast! $22 Homebrew Light Lager in Under 2 Hours – “Bud Light Clone”

Quick easy Home Brew Light Lager recipe that only costs $22 and takes about 90 minutes to make! While Logan is out of town I take a quick break from our Draft System series to break down my favorite light lager homebrew recipe!

10 pack of Mangrove Jack’s Cal Lager Yeast (great all-purpose yeast!)

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  1. Sarah Engstrand

    What steps do you take to keg this beer when it's ready

  2. Cool! Or отлично!))))

  3. So does this make a 'session beer'? I made a Hefe with only 3lbs of DME and it was the only beer that my Natty Light drinking friend liked that I had made. It may have been about 3.2% ABV. About how strong is this?

  4. Your simple brewing method has to drive the “my beer is better than yours because I spent more on equipment” brewers nuts.

  5. That is way too much work to come up with a bud lite clone …you should at least try to match a coors ….just sayin

  6. I read that Australian home brewers are using the Cube method, pouring the wort into the cubical fermentation vessels… The sterilization aspect of the hot wort in makes sense, but not getting the cold break out while still ending up with clear beer blows my mind…

  7. Awesome video! Do you have to worry about contaminants in the top off water, or was that boiled/cooled beforehand? Thanks!

  8. Great video

  9. Irving Calderon

    What did you do w the rest of the lager? Give it to college kids? Thanks for the videos

  10. Thanks for sharing the video – brewing the beer is easy – lagering requires more care on the cold side – do you have plans to show how to do lagering on the cheap and what is involved? Also, what was the batch size (maybe I missed that – 5 gallons or is it smaller)?

  11. Richard Eldridge

    Can I do this same recipe with an Ale yeast to make a cheap every day beer that tastes better than Bud Light?

  12. I like that glass. Looks dishwasher safe and has a nice aroma collecting shape. What is it?

  13. Just kegged this. Wow' nice one! Very clean for a simple brew

  14. Bumpy Road Brewery

    Can't convert my neighbors to craft if I start brewing what they already prefer

  15. Richard Cockerill

    slow down too fast

  16. Richard Cockerill

    funny guy

  17. Really enjoyed your video, and your other videos, clear and easy to follow, looking forward to more

  18. Merlin Edmonston

    Is it necessary to siphon,out is it ok to pour wort intothe fermenter? (over a cheese cloth to filter) ,what about also pouring from fermenter into bottles via funnel?

  19. Link to ingredient list?

  20. I heard the algorithm needs more hop additions. /s. Great videos keep it up.


    great video btw


    which one of you guys runs the majority of this channel and / or instagram?

  23. I am going to try your recipe on my next quick brew…… going to down size it to ten litres … great chanel and another great video….

  24. Count Drunkula

    No yeast rehydration!! You monster!!! And I like a montage of hop drops against a backdrop of cascading topping up water.

    Yeah, nice and concise. Learning to be brutal with edits is what makes a good youtube channel.

  25. william mikula

    I noticed that beer was really clear how did u manage the clarity

  26. william mikula

    Great vid

  27. Fun editing on this one

  28. What temperature do you run that yeast at?

  29. Lil Dud Light! That's what I call my clone brew that's hopped up lil more! Cheers

  30. charles fulton

    Lol good deal nice and easy

  31. I just got through a Stella clone that was just 3.2Kg Pilsen DME and 28g Saaz with the same M54 yeast. I reckon i'll do the partial grain next time, but it was some really easy drinking lager (which you don't have to lager), comparable in quality to the commercial stuff and worked out at about 40p a pint (maybe 50c), and done in an hour in a 12 litre pot.

    Apologies for all the metric.

  32. You’ve convinced me, I’m switching back to extract.

  33. David Chouiniere

    That looks crazy simple. Maybe someday I’ll have the confidence to try it. Thanks for a cool video.

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