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  1. How do you get the beer so clear?

  2. Moister_thn_an_oyster

    Hey mate. Cheers for this video.
    Can’t tell you how long I’ve just wanted to find recipes with a bloke who’s on the same level as me and isn’t a beer elitist.

    Love the idea of basic basic recipes. Exactly what I was looking for!!

    Likes and subscribed

  3. Seriously awesome the quality outweighs quantity you'r killing it man thanks for sharing the awesomeness

  4. Great format to follow. Can’t wait to see more subbed first 5k lol

  5. Pelopidas Mavromichelakis

    Nice video

  6. Can you make a video just a simple brewing with 5%alk.

  7. Hey man, after watching ur few videos i was expecting more but it's been almost 2years i don't see any new upload.

  8. You've got some strong video production skills my friend!

  9. Hey, thanks. That was great!

  10. Looks nice! 🙂 How about a smoke porter? Whaddya say? 🙂

  11. Golden River Records

    double ipa or stout video ?

  12. More videos coming soon?

  13. Richard Cockerill

    so why did you quit? great videos by the way…gone but not forgotten…Cheers Bud and Happy Trails to you

  14. Christopher Haist

    Wow. Did you put the lid on your kettle during the boil?

  15. great job, well thought out and video is put together great. We need more videos like this in the brew industry

  16. Man love your videos!! I was looking forward to a lot more from you and maybe some all grain brews…. where did you go? Hope all is well with you and your family!

  17. I think it's time for a comeback Shane.

  18. yes please make more.

  19. +realsimplebrewing COME BACK! Your videos are sick

  20. I think you meant corn sugar, not corn starch for priming.

  21. Any more videos forthcoming? I made your pumpkin ale and it was amazing but skipped the secondary fermentation. It just improves on the bottle over time.
    Did you make a summer ale and/or a winter spiced ale? I'd be interested to see your recipe.

  22. nice man really well done

  23. cool vid mate very well put together hey how many litres are your plastic carboys?
    also how much boil off do you get from the original 6.5 gallons
    cheers mate

  24. Great videos Shane, I was in your country not so long ago and couldn't get enough of the craft beers. I am a novice to these things but watching your videos has given me some great advice.

  25. Need to make more videos man. They're awesome. But its been more than a year now

  26. awesome video! very educational.

  27. Bro if youre ever in San Diego lets grab a beer!

  28. Another good video.!!


  29. hey mate great video! that big bottle you use is that plastic? i was told glass is the only best way but hey if your useing plastic ill give it ago. keen to start brewing my own. also price wise is it alot cheaper doing it your self than going out an buying beer?

  30. hey Shane, Im v new to brewing and wondering where you got all your ingredients from? a kit, all separately, or what? cheers

  31. great video….i was hoping to find a video that explained how to get a London Pride style flavour, and bam….right away I found this, cheers for the help

  32. Your video's are awesome! Can't wait to see your next one.

  33. I'm glad I read some comments otherwise, I'd be adding corn starch for carbonation.

  34. Did you filter the hops out of the liquid?

  35. Nice job man! Very good presentation and the video was great!
    Can't wait to see what else you'll brew!

  36. first time watching, I'm a third batch beginner. this was a very well formatted and narrated informative video. thank you!

  37. Really like your channel ..I just started my home brewing and I love every minute of it,,, as a young guy in high school college I was drinking the commercial beer coors light bud light etc…thinking this was beer..and about 5 yrs ago I moved to Austin Texas where I began drinking crafted beer and what I know call REAL beer….I'm on my second batch of home brew..first was a wheat beer with sweet orange peels and few other Little adds, which came out AMAZING for our hot summer days here in texas, just moved a German pilsner to Secondary fermentation, , and in a few weeks I'll bottle and see how it turns out, be watched alot of videos on home brewers I mean a lot because I'm try to learn as much as I can, and honestly your style of video and details are exactly what I like to see, keep it up man, i definitely want to make the pumpkin ale,, if u get a chance could u shoot me an email I have a few questions Eric.g.mccauley@exxonmobil.com…if I don't hear from ya…keep on brewing bud u r doing a good job on the videos

  38. Great video Mr. English. Brewing an English ale with a name like that; I guess your ancestors are still strong within you.

    Keep brewing and best of luck.

    Your friend across the pond (ironically brewing American Pale Ale.)

  39. Nice video production. You mention using corn starch but I think you mean corn sugar! Keep it up.

  40. Alexander Eriksson

    Good job. Nice quality and great prod.  Keep up the good work.

  41. Leandro Oliveira

    Very nice! Keep those videos coming 🙂

  42. Beautifully shot and edited! Keep it up, these videos are great!

  43. I like the format of your vids and the production quality is fantastic. Cheers!


  44. This is friggin' awesome.

  45. Great vid Shane – straight to the point. How much LME went into the boil by the way?

  46. Basingstoke Dave

    hello mate dave here . thanks for the vid . what i liked most about it was you gave a before and after gravity .. not a lot of home brewers do this now , not sure why ,very few and far? so ill be keeping an eye on your channel . cheers mate

  47. Old Speckled Ben

    Loved the video, very professional looking. London Pride is a lovely drop, good choice for your first go.

    Looking forward to seeing more videos


  48. Good stuff im about to do a milk stout .Would love to see you do one.Great video very well presented look forward to more

  49. Really nice job on this! Keep up the good work!

  50. How about some Heffenweiss?

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