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How to Cook Brown Rice | How to Make Brown Rice Perfectly Every Time!

How to cook brown rice | How to make brown rice perfectly every time! There are many types of rice: white rice, brown rice, Japanese rice, Jasmine rice, etc. However, if one is health conscious, brown rice would probably be one of the best option out there. Often, there are many who stay away from brown rice, because it takes longer to cook. Not only that, I often hear about how hard it is to cook brown rice, how to cook long grain brown rice, how to cook short grain brown rice, how long to cook brown rice, or what is the brown rice to water ratio?

In this video, all those questions will be answered. I am going to show all of you how to cook brown rice on the stove, or how to make brown rice on the stove. There is no need for a brown rice cooker, or any other special kitchen equipment. With this method, cooking the perfect brown rice for a healthy meal, or wanting to use it in a healthy brown rice recipe meal, should be an easy task, even if one might not know how to cook.

Once you’ve learned this method, I can guarantee that you will use it every time you need it for those brown rice recipes. Instant brown rice won’t be needed, as you can cook much more with this this method, and save a whole lot more dollars.

In addition, this method will work, and should work, for any types of rice. Whether it is long grain brown rice, short grain brown rice, whole grain brown rice, white rice, brown Jasmine rice, Japanese rice, any other brand of rice that you can think of, this method is the only method that will make the perfect rice if you don’t have a rice cooker.

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