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How to Counter Pressure Fill a Bottle of Beer

This is my counter pressure bottle filler. Here’s a demonstration of me filling beer bottles and how I counter pressure fill my beer from a corny keg. What you need to do this is a tank of CO2. The gas is Tee-off from the regulator to the gas side of the Cornelius keg and the other end to the counter pressure filler. The other side of the counter-pressure filler is attached to the liquid side of the Cornelius keg.

Procedure for counter pressure filling
1. Place the tube into bottle and about 1/4 from the bottom. The stopper should fit firmly over the top of the bottle.
2. Cycle purge the bottle 3 times by pressurizing then open the relief valve to releasing the CO2. This will remove all air out of the bottle.
3. Pressurize the bottle and close gas side valve.
4. Open the Liquid side value.
5. Slowly open the relief valve. This will suck beer into the bottle.
6. Once the bottle is filled, close the relief valve and the liquid valve.
7. Remove the Counter-Pressure Filler and cap the bottle.


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