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  1. Richard Buchanan

    How did you start the siphoning process from the fermenter to the keg?

  2. RIP Paul…

  3. Moski Homebrew

    Thanks for the informational video! We are looking to keg soon. Bottles are such a pain! Cheers!

  4. Legitimate video mate! Keep up the good work.

  5. What's a Kig mate? I just dont understand this Inglush? Haha just joking, friendly banter from across the ditch

  6. David Campbell

    Great video. Cheers

  7. idriveakingswood

    Good one mate! Short and sweet

  8. Best one is watched. Lots tell you this and that but never a guideline on what psi you should be rocking with. Do you control your fridge or is it just as it was made?

  9. Holy shit, 28K views.  Nice job my man.  Also, great video on how to get it done.  This is why you're the man Paul.  Cheers

  10. Great Video. Thanks for sharing. 

  11. Do you add priming sugar at all, or does the co2 do that for you?

  12. What kind of portable tap is that at 1:29 in your video?

  13. Needed this! ty, one week to go until my keg parts show up! gotta love cyber Monday deals.

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  15. what kind of tap is that in the video?

  16. KegeratorBeerReviews


  17. Yes most of the time I force carbonate, as I only had 1 gas line and many kegs.

  18. thats a high PSI you are force carbonating at!

  19. Nice video, but meant "clean then sanitize"? According to your video you sanitized twice.

  20. cheers, and thanks for the subscription.

  21. Nice vid Paul

  22. @wingy200 cheers, glad I could help

  23. I was researching ways to store and carbonate, and I think you just sold me on this. Very informative.

  24. Cheers mate, Nice and easy to follow unlike half the other muppets who post videos on here.

  25. @Time4Another1 Fantastic, Have an awesome brew day and Cheers!

  26. @PapiPaolo that beer was an extract, but I do all grain now. Next brew day hopefully next weekend

  27. @Time4Another1 Sweet, all grain? next brew day?

  28. @PapiPaolo it was a great, has long gone now, and has been refined and re-brewed several times. Cheers

  29. Cool looking tap and dark looking beer. How did it come out?

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