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How to make Beer Ice Cream

If you love beer and ice cream then this recipe is a no brainer. Its so easy to make and tastes simply delish!
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  1. good recipe but the voice over was kind of over the top and I am not saying that to be mean

  2. how come all of the good cooks and bakers are Australian

  3. can we use root beer?

  4. can you make chinese bakery bread? (Super soft breads like breadtop's)?

  5. so what is this supposed to taste like? beer? because that doesn't sound very appealing lol

  6. +Todd's Kitchen you should try my really healthy chocolate ice cream

  7. well this is new

  8. Now that is a creative todd. How bout vodka, tequila, red wine or even white wine..

  9. is this alcoholic

  10. 1 cup = 0,2 l Eight?

  11. Corona with lime fuck yess Todd just saying ❤️

  12. What kind of beer did you use? Does it matter?

  13. I once had a beer based creme brulee, and it was one of the best things I've ever eaten. So I'll bet this tastes really good too. So Todd, what beer did you use?

  14. Hi Todd You're videos are so fun to watch and it's even more fun when I actually try making it!👌👌😁😁

  15. I added my dad's ginger beer and it tasted like ginger

  16. Slightly different recipe:

    4 yolks
    2 cups cream or milk
    1/2 cup sugar
    dash vanilla
    bottle of beir

    Whisk your yolks and sugar together till their lighter
    Heat milk/cream and vanilla to a simmer
    Temper your eggs then add them to the rest of the milk/cream
    Heat till you can dip a spoon in and make a clean line down the back of the spoon. (roughly 175 F)
    Cool then add your bottle of beer let sit in the fridge for 12-24 hours for the flavors to develop.
    Freeze however.

    Slightly different but makes a really really creamy ice cream. I suggest using Guinness it takes the bitter out and it taste fantastic

  17. Miss Emeraldxo

    I simply love your voice!!

  18. You had me at BEER!!! Another EXCELLENT, simple and delicious recipe Todd!!

  19. I find I need to reduce the beer on the stove prior to mixing with the cream to get a strong enough beer flavor for me. Porter or Stout are my favorite beer choices for this.

    For those who are mocking the combination of beer ice cream, well, it's no stranger a combination than maple bacon cupcakes (which are also insanely good)

  20. cool😎👌

  21. Charlene Swallows

    Sounds good. I look forward to seeing your oyster with dry white sorbet. 🙂

  22. Ingrid Standage

    this recipe is so simple to make ☺☺💞💞

  23. Hey Todd, can you make lemon ice cream?(without a ice cream maker)

  24. prescilla ferris

    Hi where is list of ingredients

  25. Todd, any idea how to do this in an ice cream maker?

  26. Sebby S. Truesdail

    Ewww! I hate beer! But I love Ice Cream and can you please make Root Beer Ice Cream or Cola Ice Cream? please and thanks! 🙂

  27. Byron Chandler

    Hi, Todd. That ice cream look simply delish. I am amazed at how well your cooking have progressed. I have a question: what's your favorite beef recipe that you've ever made? Please let me know. Have an awesome week, Todd. 🙂

  28. Beer?! Is it a noon alcoholic alrternative???

  29. 6th like 3 comment

  30. Yum! simply delish!
    #second 😊❤

  31. 1st

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