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How to make Cold Brew Coffee | Mike Cooper

What is cold brew coffee? It’s a new way to make coffee and it’s taking the world by storm. In this video the brilliant Mike Cooper tells you exactly what it is and how you can (and why you should!) make cold brew coffee at home.

In a future video Mike will show you three things you can do with your homemade cold brew coffee. Make sure you don’t miss it by subscribing to Drinks Tube!

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  1. Nicolas Meyer

    How long can you keep it in the fridge? you said one week in the video but I think you meant it will last for a week and not how long it will stay fresh…

  2. I like the part where he spills a cup of coffee on the table

  3. You need a container with a spout so that you don't spill so much.

  4. THERareElement Music.

    20 hours and he didn’t change his clothes or looked tired.😂
    Great video.

  5. Anthony Blair


  6. What an irritating twat.

  7. theveganhotspot

    Can you pls make sure to give exact measurements – bcs this def. doesn't look like 1 l of coffee at the end…?! I'm puzzled

  8. Why don't you use a coffee filter to do the job instead of a kitchen paper. The paper from the kitchen roll leaves a taste behind and it torns easily. A real coffee filter filters the coffee but doesn't loose the beautiful aroma and taste.

  9. What if I like black instant coffee because of the flavour, will this taste the same or different?

  10. Jonathan Smith

    Great stuff!

  11. Hot water in !!

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  13. Dibakshya Chakraborty

    EenJeeNeeOus. Tenx

  14. Joshua Van Wagoner

    Thanks a ton, really the best cold brew instruction video I've seen.

  15. Jordan Newsom

    More Mike coffee vids please!


    so do you leave the coffee sitting out for 20 hours in refri. or on the counter

  17. I learned from this video that cold brews can be up to 60% less acidic than our typical hot bews. Better for those with acid refux. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hi9HOL6G9uQ

  18. Just buy good quality Arabica variety coffee that has been well washed with clean water and well picked(only mature beans selected ) and you wont need to do cold brew coffee. Well selected beans and well washed coffee wont be bitter and they will have low acidity.

  19. OneThousandTrials

    I LOVED this video!  Informative and entertaining!  I tried this method, allowing my brew to steep for 27 hours.  Double filtration is IMPERATIVE.  The end result was astounding!  I normally drink my coffee with a spot of cream (or milk), but this cold brew was superb as is (black).  Thank you for a great video.

  20. im in looks easy to do

  21. I don't know what you're talking about but I like your enthusiasm..

  22. Ivan Navarrette


  23. Made It, did not get 1 litre. Only about 750 ml.

  24. TheSweetalchemist

    What's the water to coffee ratio for an espresso cold brew?

  25. This man is very unlikable.

  26. Amazing

  27. To anyone reading this, don't make it using a 1:4 ratio like he's doing unless you really need a strong concentrate. I recommend you do it at 1:8 or even 1:10 to get a much better yield as the coffee absorbs almost twice their weight in water! At 1:4 ratio, you'd be losing almost half your concentrate to absorption, you can minimize that by upping the water ratio. It still makes for great cold brew with the crazy losses! Cheers!

  28. Paul Sherwood

    Haven't made cold brew in a while, but when I did I made it in a large caffetiere, and then just plunged it. None of this dribbling it all over the kitchen malarky.

  29. This video is so handy. We often make up batches with the very same method. Thank you

  30. eatmoreketchup

    Guy seems so fake and annoying, jaysus.

  31. Why he tryna look like a bloated Jamie oliver.

  32. David Mcauley

    Is it 1 Litre of water to 250 grams of coffee? Or 1.5 Litres?

  33. Pre-ground coffee will be just as good? Uhhhh no!

  34. zeroxiotheshinigami

    Do you have to use filtered water? I'm not even sure what that is, could I use normal tap water without ruining it?

  35. lot of people dont know if you brew hot coffee then put it in the fridge right away it will last for days.

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