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How to make craft brewed root beer from scratch. No Extracts!

This video shows how to make rootbeer from scratch using natural ingredients. Without the use of extracts. NO EXTRACTS!

You can find your ingredients online and in most home-brew shops.
I usually get the stuff I can’t pick myself at the following stores:

You can carbonate with yeast or force carbonation with CO2 at 30 psi. Yeast carbonation taste better and it is how carbonation was originally done before the mass production of soda pop.

Root Beer Rag Performed by Owen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmmM3wnQ9WU&

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  1. Srinivasan Tamilraj

    Mama Beer..

  2. wow, cool!

  3. awesome job! thanks for the video!

  4. Hi. Great video. Your process of brewing is great. One little thing I would like to point out for a faster brew and even carbonation.

    You can infuse the measured yeast quantity to the entire batch and homogenise it. Then bottle the batch. The way you are introducing the yeast you might end up with an uneven carbonation.

    This is how Beer Brewers do it for an even carbonation.

    Cheers ?

  5. as the yeast multiply do you get a yeast sediment in the bottle bottom? do you make much alcohol in the 3-5 day ferment ? I have made some wine . i want to make Root beer as i am Rheumatoid reactive to corn syrup but not sugar. I cant find root beer made of cane sugar.

  6. ???????????????????????????????COOL

  7. Before Aaron and Wright chopped sassafras trees…

  8. do you really need the wintergreen leafs???

  9. get rid of the close up shots of your buttugly face and dump the shit music

  10. Wtf Americans food have ingredients from all over the world. Looks so complicated to make. Just buy it from a corner shop.

  11. Hey Dybrn Soda! Really awesome video, I have a question however regarding the yeast. The yeast I have, the grains are so small, I don't think I'll be able to count them out. Should I just pinch a small amount into each bottle? Also, does the amount of yeast vary on the bottle size? I have both 32 oz and 16 oz bottles.

    Anyways, I really appreciated the video, I even dug up my own sassafras for the brew. Will you be making any more brewing recipe videos in the future? I'm a huge fan of craft brewed Birch Beer or Cream Soda. Thanks!

  12. Frankie McCall Power

    Guys like you make the Internet fun! I want to give this a shot. Thank you

  13. awesome well explained recipe! i learned a lot. my mom's family made this as kids but none remembered how. might have a root beer party in the future! thank you!

  14. Why not add the yeast to the whole batch, then fill the bottles?

  15. Deadeye HorrorGamer

    So many ingredients lol XD Ima go buy some root beer right now, I am craving it. :P

  16. Exactly what I expected. Didn't have one thing for the ingredients.

  17. Very appropriate song choice, DybrnSoda! Very cool!

  18. Do you have any idea how to change this recipe to use in a CO2 carbonation set up? I just got started in this and would love to try this recipe, but would it need less sugar when not using yeast? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  19. SophiaPetrillosBuddy

    Do you know the sugar content per serving, and could you use stevia in place of the sugar? Also, could you just make a syrup and add it to seltzer water instead of using yeast to make it carbonated?

  20. This is as been an education.Here in the UK it is hard to find root beer in the shops unless you order from Amazon.Can only get Australian Bunderberg from local Tesco store.Been wanting to try the American A&W brand root beer so orded a 24 pack.

  21. What is the size of the pot you're using?

  22. With yeast and sugar, is your root beer alcoholic?

  23. I've gotten into beverage making. Thank you for teaching me how to do so. You earned a sub.

  24. if you don't want it carbonated, can you just not add the yeast, or does the yeast do something besides carbonation?

  25. i do the same method when it comes to a few granules of yeast into each bottle,,problem is you end up with sediments ,i use swing tops and keep them upside down and when the time comes i put them in the fridge to stop fermentation and let all the gunk collect in the necks then i burst flush them out in the sink,gives a nice pretty clear product

  26. I'd be REALLY worried about bottle bombs using this method. It would be a bit more expensive, but you could cut out the honey, use lactose to sweeten the root beer and add a predetermined amount of sugar to the batch to avoid excess pressure.
    Looks like you've done this a few times though, so I guess you've got it down.

  27. Okay I was wrong. I have 16 plastic bottles that are each 1/2 litters. If I use that much water than I'm going to have too much to fill the bottles with. Is their any danger in making it too strong!?

  28. I only need 8 Quarts of root beer to fill 12 740ml bottles. I will not be using raisins in my root beer but I am using maple syrup, brown sugar and birch bark. Three ingredients you do not have listed. Since I am only going to use HALF the amount of water you use and because I'm using one less ingredient and three more ingredient should I use less oz of the ingredients than you used? I'm a little confused since I don't want my root beer to be too strong or too watered down.

  29. Do you have to wash the Sassafras root first?

  30. My kids and I just watched your video and loved it! Thank you for the info!

  31. I hate root beer. It turned me into an alcoholic.

  32. Awesome video! Just a few questions, have you used both normal and safrole-free sassafras? If so, which one is better and is the normal stuff safe? Also, for a batch the size you made, how much would that usually cost?

  33. You look like toby from the office

  34. I can't believe the FDA banned Sassafras but not Corn Syrup, Aspartame, Fluoride, margarine, Soy Bean oil or deep fried foods. The FDA can't do it job right.

  35. would using filtered water, like from a Brita pitcher, improve the flavor any? or maybe even distilled water?

  36. i'm drinking root beer while watching this…

  37. Great recipe

  38. Hey, you mentioned being able to buy safrole-free sassafras. Could you leave a link to those places?

  39. DybrnSoda Great video. After a bit of searching I am finding it difficult to get my hands on some Safrole-FREE Sassafras. You mentioned in the video there were places to get it from. Could you please send me a link to those places?

  40. The amount of alcohol this would create is negligible. If you're that worried about alcohol at a good bit below 1%, just make a syrup and add it to seltzer water instead. Thanks good sir – great recipe. Wintergreen leaves are a little hard to find for me, so I used wintergreen oil – which is surprisingly to me, much much more powerful than an extract.

    I used 1/4 tsp wintergreen oil for every 4 pints. Gives it a nice background flavor. It is amazing what wintergreen does for this – without it, it really tastes like an herbal / brown sugary soda. Mint just doesn't cut it either!

    The nutmeg is something I tend to stay away from, but, combined with the raisins and cinnamon stick – provides a really nice warm rummy flavor IMO. I didn't use the cherries or cherry syrup this time, but I imagine why you add that. Did you ever try it with fresh black cherries chopped up? Date syrup is something that works really well as a sugar source.

  41. I liked it but I don't have all this stuff to make it with ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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