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How to make Ginger Beer | Donal Skehan

Ginger beer (AKA ginger ale) is a wonderful drink that manages to be warming and refreshing at the same time. Here Donal Skehan shows you how to make a homemade, non-brewed ginger beer with fresh ginger, lemons, muscovado sugar and sparkling water. It’s completely alcohol-free and perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

Give it a try and let us know how you get on! What other soft drinks do you want to see on Drinks Tube? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Why is it called "Ginger Beer" if there is no alchohol

  2. that's what we call soda, beer has yeast.

  3. You're not Jamie!?

  4. Amazing! I have to try this :D

  5. Mint causes obnoxiousness.

  6. Hi! I want to make some homemade ginger beer for cocktails on a party, but fear the fizz will not last, is it recommended to make the base, strain it and pour it into a flask the day before and then adding carbonated wates as i need it? How long will the mixture last in the fridge uncarbonated? Thanks! :D

  7. With all the mint can u imagine Ben Ebbrell from SORTEDFood going crazy for this?

  8. Tried it today. Sadly, wasn't as good as the one I tried before, so not really worth it for me

  9. oohhhh this nigga was on the food channel on tv

  10. I really like this drink. I come back to this video for the recipe every time I make it. Thanks!!!

  11. Ginger beer is life

  12. How would this taste if you reduced the muscovado sugar by 50% and replace with 1 cup of cranberry juice?

  13. Really good but way too strong
    how do you fix that?

  14. i don't understand why so many dislikes?!!!!
    jealous ?

  15. i'd to it without the sugar though :P

  16. Nathanael Alhazred

    Why is this called ginger beer when there is no beer in there? Is there a history behind it?


  18. Dominik MJ (opinionated alchemist)

    It doesn't really make a lot of sense!
    1) Adding the soda before straining the juice/syrup will reduce really much the carbonation. Ginger beer supposed to be fizzy!
    2) I love ginger beer, which is really zesty – brown sugar, is rather the opposite [I rather would use it for ginger ale] – normal white sugar [or organic sugar] makes a much zestier ginger beer.
    3) Ginger beer is always associated with lime – not with lemon. Again – limes are zestier which helps the ginger beer in this department.
    4) Making a mixture like that, is a lot of work, and you can't really keep it. It would be better to make first the syrup and then last minute mix it with soda. Even using lemon juice, will spoil the mixture very soon [about 12 hours].
    5) To get a "commercial tasting" ginger beer [commercial in the best meaning], use citric acid instead of citrus juice, and just add the juice at the end.

    Optional: lactofermented ginger beer, is definitely made different – but takes far more time – and is not everybody's taste!

  19. worst recipe ever i´ve tried it yuk?there are millions better recipes

  20. This guy's enthusiasm is awesome

  21. One year ago today!

  22. I was actually looking forward to see ginger infused beer. Like. the real deal. Acutal beer. But then it was only ginger ale. :(

  23. Is Muscovado sugar the same thing as brown sugar? Or is it something completely different?

  24. He's so cheery and adorable. Great enthusiasm!?

  25. I wanna drink him up ?


  27. You have to spank the mint ! :D

  28. Can it be made way in advance, by storing the ready product in airtight container and keep it refrigerated until it's ready to be served?

  29. I'm sorry but I hate his voice and gestures so much 

  30. Great recipe and a hot host… What could be better??

  31. looks delicious! can't wait to make this

  32. This is no beer. total bullcrap

  33. Made it last week, was great!

  34. Nice accent

  35. Frey Sigurnbjornson

    Such a funny video!!he is cute..:)

  36. it really strengthens the immune system? My doctor advised me to drink the ginger juice every day…

    I usually make it like this… https://coursmos.com/course/how-to-make-ginger-juice?utm_source=seedcnv&utm_medium=social&utm_content=10&utm_campaign=sd
    I do not like ginger… but drink it with pleasure…
    Today, I will try your recipe!

  37. I hate to be a Debbie downer but his Ginger Beer is rather weak, I'm not affiliated with either channel just trying to help out.

  38. Ilona Takácsová

    Is this an alcohol-free version ginger beer? I mean, is there one that is actually beer?

  39. AaronJohnOldWolmskiKydd

    Ginger Beer and Ginger Ale is similar but totally different 

  40. Nice only difference when ill make it there will be 4 times the amount of ginger XD 

  41. Why not use your peeler on your ginger?

  42. Oh, fuck your mother, 

  43. Looks great! Can't wait to make this – any suggestions for a replacement for muscovado sugar? That is not easy to acquire here

  44. always wanted to know how to make it myself. But how can i really add sparkles? Adding soda water and waiting 10 minutes will leave me with nothing. How about about adding yeast?

  45. It's the energy from the ginger ale! Hahaha but I'm not joking, when will he arrive?

  46. Less clothing is better…. No lol as he comes please thankyou 

  47. Hey I got a great video here showing how to make copper tun ginger beer here:
    Copper Tun – Ginger Beer(Alcoholic) – Making(12/09/2014)

  48. Can I leave it more than 10 minutes? Or is that the limit?

  49. So how different would the taste be if you were to just juice the ginger and lemon versus using a mortar and pestle?

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